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Kanye West has ‘Holy Trinity’ reasons for wanting Kim Kardashian back

Kanye West is said to have a ‘Holy Trinity’ of reasons for wanting to patch things up with Kim Kardashian.

“He names the reasons for getting back Kim ‘The Holy Trinity,'” according to a source close to the rapper, who revealed their insights during an interview with The Post.

The source went on to explain to the interviewer all of the reasons, saying, “He isn’t sure whether any other woman will be able to put up with him.”

“He’s a lot — and Kim is used to it all, so he doesn’t need to explain anything to her.” She understands how to put up with him when he’s having a bad day.”

“The second reason is the children,” and the third and last reason is that “he does not want to divorce as a religious person.”

But that’s not all; before ending, the insider also confessed that one of his main motivators is his image. “[Kardashian] looks fantastic next to him,” he says.

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