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Kanye West Rumors Of Dating Russian Model Irina Shayk Is Confirmed True

Kanye West and  Irina Shayk were spotted in the Southeastern France region of Provence according to a tweet by Daily Mail Official twitter account.



Kanye West seems to have made the first move to get a potential date after him and Kim Kardashian announced there divorce, even though Kim Kardashian wished Kanye West a happy birthday yesterday and fans were speculating they are back together, this will be a shock to them as Kanye West have a new date by the name of Irina Shayk.


Irina Shayk have a double career of actress and model something familiar with Kanye west as he also have a double career of a musician and producer.

The same Russian girl appeared in Kanye West video “power” this proves they got history together and can mix there new found love with business, as she can be in yet to come Kanye West Music Videos

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