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Kendrick Lamar Fans Debate If They Can Live Without His Music Or Not

Kendrick Lamar fans on Twitter had a debate if they can live without Kendrick Lamar’s music or not, this argument came as a result of Kendrick Lamar not releasing any album in last 5 years.

Majority of Kendrick Lamar fans believe they can leave without his music since they have done that in the last 5 years.

Below is the post of fans debating if they can leave without Kendrick Lamar music;

Below are replies from fans ;

@leonard7300277Β  made it clear he can leave without Kendrick Lamar’s music because there are so much good music outside of Kendrick Lamar’s discography.

he said “Yes easily so many good artists out there wether we talk hiphop or outside of hiphop,so many better rappers then Kendrick,so many better artists then Kendrick, plus we got so many sub genres like trap and drill, so many Countries,hell i can live without Kendrick music easyyy”


@BryceRenzenbri1 believes Kendrick Lamar’s highly rated album To Pimp A Butterfly is overrated, he said “is tpab a great album?”

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