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Kenny Troutt Net Worth, Career And Businesses

Kenny Troutt Net Worth

Kenny Troutt, the founder and former CEO of Excel Communications, is a self-made billionaire with a net worth of $1.2 billion. Kenny Troutt amassed his fortune after founding Excel Communications (a long distance communication system) in 1988. Excel rose to become the United States’ fourth largest long-distance carrier.

Kenny Troutt Profile

Full NameKenny A. Troutt
Net Worth$1.2 Billion
Date of Birth1948
NationalityUnited States of America
Spouse(s)Lisa E. Copeland
OccupationFounder and former Excel Communications CEO
RecognitionForbes ranked him #1,222th richest person in the world (2014)

Kenny Troutt Businesses

He expanded his business even further in 1997 when he purchased the Telco Communications Group. Troutt made the Forbes Billionaires List after selling Excel Communications to Teleglobe.

Kenny Troutt and wife Lisa

Kenny Troutt and wife Lisa

In 1999, he decided to pursue his passion for horses and purchased Prestonwood Farm, which he later renamed Winstar Farm.

He is a trustee of TOBA (Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association) and a member of the Breeders Cup board of directors. He owns Super Saver, the horse who won the Kentucky Derby’s 136th race. Kenny Troutt was born in 1948 in Mr. Vernon, Illinois. While working as an insurance salesman, he earned his Bachelor of Arts and Science degree from Southern Illinois University.

Kenny Troutt now owns WinStar Farm, a prestigious 2,400-acre thoroughbred horse farm in Versailles, Kentucky.

He also serves as Chairman of Mt. Vernon Investments. Troutt has twice won the Kentucky Derby, once the Preakness Stakes, and three times the Belmont Stakes, including the 13th Triple Crown. He is the owner of Justify, the 13th Triple Crown winner.

Winstar Farm’s notable stallions include Super Saver, the 2010 Kentucky Derby winner; Drosselmeyer, the 2010 Belmont Stakes winner; Creator, the 2016 Belmont Stakes winner; and Justify, the 13th Triple Crown winner.

Kenny Troutt has contributed to American Crossroads, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, and “Kentuckians for Strong Leadership,” a super PAC that supports Mitch McConnell.

Kenny Troutt Donation

Kenny Troutt has donated $1,409,651 to Texas Republican candidates Greg Abbott, Ken Paxton, and Dan Patrick as of 4/19/2022. Preston Troutt, Kenny Troutt’s son, has also donated to Republican Party candidates.

Kenny Troutt founded the Titans, the first of three youth basketball teams he founded for his sons and the son of a business partner, in 2005. The teams had a $3 million annual budget.

Kenny Troutt house

Kenneth Troutt is the billionaire founder of Excel Communications, which he founded in 1988 and sold ten years later for $3.5 billion; he lives in a 16,898-square-foot home.

Kenny Troutt and his wife Lisa live in Dallas, Texas, with their three children.

Early Life

Kenny Troutt is one of the world’s wealthiest people and the owner of the elite thoroughbred horse farm in Versailles. The life of an American billionaire has never been this simple.

Kenny Troutt on suit

Kenny Troutt

He went through financial difficulties as a child and worked hard to get to where he is now. When his teacher asked him in school what he wanted to be when he grew up, he had no idea what career he wanted to pursue, but he was certain that he wanted to be wealthy.

Kenny Troutt was born in Mount Vernon, Illinois, USA in 1948. His father worked in a bar. He was the eldest of three children. Kenny Troutt attended Mt. Vernon Township High School and later graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1971. Being from a poor family, he was always determined to outperform his family’s financial circumstances and become wealthy. Due to a lack of funds, he began working at a young age to support his family and earn extra money. He even sold insurance to help pay for his college education.

He began working at a young age in order to support his family and have a few dollars in his pocket. He attended Southern Illinois University after graduating from Mt. Vernon Township High School, where he worked selling insurance to pay his tuition. He received his diploma in 1971. As a child, he was introduced to horse racing by his uncle and fell in love with it.

While in college, he attended races at Churchill Downs and was present when the legendary Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby. Kenny Troutt decided to follow his passions after graduating from college and established his first horse farm, Landview, in eastern Nebraska in the early 1980s. However, it would be more than a decade before he became a billionaire and could devote his full attention to horses and the ownership of thoroughbred racehorses.

Kenny Troutt and his partner, Steve Smith, founded Excel Communications, a long-distance telephone service, in 1988 with a background in network marketing. People used to have to pay a premium to dial long-distance calls, so people usually chose a long-distance carrier to reduce those costs. Excel Communications was one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States, not just in its industry. In 1996, he went public with the company. It was the New York Stock Exchange’s youngest company at the time, having been founded only eight years before. The company had more than a billion dollars in revenue in 1998, a decade after its founding (and not long before the entire long-distance company industry collapsed).

The following year, Kenny Troutt sold the company to Teleglobe for $3.5 billion. He officially became a billionaire that year. He realized one of his childhood dreams when he was able to escape his circumstances and no longer be poor.

Kenny Troutt was approached in 2000 with the opportunity to purchase Prestonwood, a 400-acre horse farm in Kentucky. He took advantage of the opportunity to realize another of his childhood ambitions. He renamed the horse facility WinStar Farm and set out to make it one of the country’s best horse breeding and racing farms.

WinStar is now a 2,700-acre farm with a great deal of success with horses


In 1988, he co-founded Excel, a long distance phone service, with his business partner Steve Smith, after graduating and working hard.

Kenny Troutt and wife Lisa

Kenny Troutt

Smith’s interest in the network marketing business aided the two in establishing the company, as he saw a lot more potential in it. In just nine years, the company had earned billions of dollars in revenue. Excel surpassed Microsoft as the fastest growing company in the United States. It went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 1996 under the symbol ECI, becoming the NYSE’s youngest company ever.

Excel purchased the Telco Communications Group in June of the following year, and was later purchased by a merger with Teleglobe in November 1998. The merger of the two companies brought the two co-founders of Excel great fortune. Troutt and Smith both became billionaires in an instant.

Christina Gold took over as CEO after Kenny Troutt retired on September 20, 1999. Kenny Troutt is currently the chairman of Mt. Vernon Investments.

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Personal Life

Kenny Troutt, who lives in Dallas, Texas in the United States with his wife Lisa, is a devout Christian.

Troutt is married to Lisa E. Copeland, with whom he has three children. In Dallas, Texas, the family lives in a 13000 square foot grand estate. He currently owns WinStar Farm, a 2,400-acre thoroughbred horse breeding and racing farm in Versailles, Kentucky. His net worth was estimated to be around US$1.5 billion in 2014.

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