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Kim Kardashian Celebrates Kanye West Birthday With A Throwback Picture

Kim Kardashian celebrates Kanye West birthday by posting a throwback picture of Kanye West when he was young, Kanye West is smiling in the picture unlike most of his recent pictures.

Kanye West fans asked Kim if he is still in love with Kanye West since she posted his picture on his birthday despite divorce proceedings by both couples, a fan asked Kim to call off the divorce and reconcile with her husband Kanye West.

Kanye West fans celebrate his 44th birthday today, they talked about his accomplishment in the music industry, they bragged on how Kanye West is the richest rapper alive and also richer than all the rappers combined.

The following is the reply to the Kanye West picture Kim Kardashian posted on her twitter account ;

The fan who made this tweet seem to be a relative of Kim Kardashian judging by how she wrote a long text trying to defend her.

This fans is playing Kanye West advocate by saying Kim Kardashian will not find anyone better than Kanye West if she leaves.

The next reply is from a fan who commented in Armenian language so it looks strange to someone who understands only English, then someone replied to the Armenian comment with a humor comment that will make you laugh.


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