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Kim Kardashian is trying to stay out of trouble, In the midst of her divorce from Kanye West

In the midst of their continuous feud, Kim Kardashian is attempting to preserve the peace between herself and Kanye West.


According to reports, KKW beauty creator Kim Kardashian does not want any controversy with the US musician.


When it comes to Kanye, Kim is being polite. That was unavoidable. She respects him and will always adore him, according to a source. She’s not going to follow him around. She’s exactly like that.


Kim is also “not going to give him any cause to behave out,” according to the insider.

They’ve discussed not slamming each other in front of their children, which they both agreed on. She understands it just takes a little to get Kanye to lose his cool and speak his mind,” the person said. He’s done it before, and she’s doing all she can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


According to the insider, Kim and Kanye still talk about their kids on a regular basis.


Kim and Kanye, 44, still “communicate with each other, especially essential issues affecting the kids, setting up playtime, things like that,” according to the source.

“It’s not done on a daily basis; a lot of it is done primarily via their aides. Divorce and business matters are left to the attorneys to handle. Kim and Kanye aren’t arguing over minor items; that’s pretty much all been sorted out already,” the insider added.



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