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Kim Kardashian ‘never knew’ Marilyn Manson would be at ‘Donda’ event

Kim Kardashian ‘never knew’ Marilyn Manson would be at ‘Donda’ event

Insiders have revealed Marilyn Manson was never expected to show up at Kanye West’s Donda listening party, according to Kim Kardashian.

During their chat with People magazine, sources commented on Kim’s lack of knowledge on the subject.

“She was situated inside a suite facing the back of the house on the stage so she would not have been able to see them at all from her vantage point,” they were reported as adding.

“She was completely unaware of what was going on at the concert. She simply knew what Kanye had requested her to do and was eager to assist him.”

“Kanye will always be Kim’s family. When Kanye is successful and content, it benefits the children. Kim is the first to back up his ideas. He invited her to participate in the listening event, and she enthusiastically accepted. She had no idea Marilyn Manson was also going to be there.”

“She can see why there is a backlash. Kim is serious about making a good name for herself. If she had known Manson would be present, she would not have taken part.”

For those who are unaware, Manson is currently facing assault allegations from over 15 different women.

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