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Kim Kardashian requested that a TikTok star erase her daughter North’s play date video

Following their play session, Kim Kardashian has requested TikTok star That Girl Lay Lay to take down a video showing her daughter North.


Kim kardashian’s eight-year-old daughter North was asked to play with the 14-year-old TikTok celebrity, who is also a rapper. The SKIMS creator, on the other hand, asked her to take down a video of the two playing together from her social media channel.


“@kim kardashian texted me to take down the latest TikTok video with North in it…,” Lay Lay said in a now-deleted post.


I’m not sure why…” “They invited ME to their house,” she continued. “This industry is a sham!”


She stated, “I questioned what I did wrong and they didn’t respond… so puzzled on what this industry is… just trying to make good happy music for the #nevergiveup.”


Last year, the two were spotted having a good time together in a video that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star couldn’t have been against.


Lay Lay’s caption at the time also addressed North by name. “Hey y’all!” she exclaimed. “Today, North West and I are hanging out!!!! check out our tiktok! follow my tiktok account-litgirllay,” she writes.


However, Tracy Romulus, a close friend of the Kardashians, has attempted to defuse the situation by publishing a lengthy statement on Instagram.


She admitted that she, not Kim kardashian or Kanye West, had contacted Lay Lay’s father to set up the play date since North was a fan of hers.


“I’m sorry it wasn’t presented to her in a way she could comprehend (since I very clearly explained to the parent), but Lay Lay was invited over a YEAR ago for a private child’s play date – not to be filmed and used in a music video over a year later,” Kim’s buddy said.



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