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Kim Kardashian shares rare picture with Kanye West and Virgil Abloh as she pays tribute to her friend

Kim Kardashian joined celebrities on Monday to pay respect to Virgil Abloh, a friend who died of cancer at the age of 41.

The reality TV personality and model took to Instagram to share many photos with Virgil. Kanye West, who has been seeking to reconnect with her, was included in one of her images.

“Virgil, why are you doing this?! Why is he here so soon? It’s difficult to comprehend why. I’m not sure why so many pure spirits were taken away at such a young age. You were always so polite, kind, and peaceful, Virgil “She expressed herself on Instagram.

Added Kim Kardashian, “You found a way to accommodate everyone. We also discussed your superpower of tranquility a lot. Because you wanted the world to be better, you always devoted so much of yourself to it. This is a difficult one to comprehend. I can’t believe I’m actually writing this.”

She went on to say, “Virgil, we shall miss you terribly and love you dearly. I’d would like to extend my my condolences to Shannon, his wife. Because of how much you loved and supported Virgil, he was able to offer so much of himself to everyone else. So thank you so much for sharing him with us in this way. Shannon, Lowe, and Grey will carry on Virgil’s legacy for the rest of their lives.”


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