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Kim Kardashian’s Lawyer Denies Second Ray J Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian has denied the existence of a second sex tape with Ray J that has yet to be released.

Wack 100, Ray J’s manager, claimed to have “part two” of their famed film, which he described as “more graphic and better than the first,” although Kim’s attorney has denied the existence of such a tape.

“The claim of an unreleased sex tape is categorically false,” Marty Singer said in a statement to Page Six. “It’s sad that people make things like these in order to obtain their 15 minutes of fame.”


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Wack 100 claimed he had the decade-old video and wanted to “gift” it to Kim’s estranged husband, Kanye West, during a recent interview with Bootleg Kev’s podcast.

Wack, who also manages The Game and Blueface, replied, “Kanye, holla at me, dude.” “We have part two on the laptop, but no one has ever seen it. We’d be delighted if you could have it. It’d be a fantastic, private NFT.”

“I would never give it to anyone other than Kanye since she is the mother of his children,” Wack continued. “We can’t put things out there like that in the world. It would be impolite.”

Kim and her then-boyfriend Ray J were on vacation in Mexico when the first sex tape was shot in October 2002. Vivid Entertainment, an adult film studio, paid an estimated $1 million for the rights to the video, which catapulted Kim to celebrity and earned her a reported $100 million.

Kim stated during the June reunion of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” that her E! reality show would “probably not” have been as popular without the footage.


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