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Kodak Black says all of Chief Keef’s Music Should be diamond

Kodak Black said Chief Keef’s music should be certified diamond, According to a post made by No Jumper on Twitter he revealed what Kodak said about  ” The Goat”.

Kodak Black reaction to Chief Keef

Kodak Black reaction to Chief Keef

Yak showered the praise to Chief Keef on his story on Instagram after “Love Sosa” track by Chief Keef got certified 4 times platinum.

Fans agreed with him in the comments and as expected some also disagree with Yak, See some reactions below;

@narttïà said he don’t like Chief Keef’s music “Chief Keef is kinda ass 🗑️”

@StartGame88 said Chief Keef’s music is not all that lyrical “@“That’s that S*** I don’t like” x 24 Yes, Lyrical Genius, Generation Defining Artist, Better than Tupac .Bro 5 bucks says I could probably beat Chief Keef in a rap battle” he got replied by another fan @designedbyfifi who said he shouldn’t judge an artist by one song “It’s sad because you only know his one hit song and judge his whole discography on that example”.

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