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Kodak Black’s Rocky Road Review Ft Moneybagg Yo

Kodak Black’s Rocky Road Review Ft Moneybagg Yo

For those of you who aren’t hip to Kodak Black, he’s one of the hottest young rappers to come out of Florida in years.

His newest album, titled ROCKY ROAD, was released days ago. It’s only 12 tracks long and clocks in at under 40 minutes, but it’s very well done, easily earning the 4/5 star rating that I’m giving it.

The album opens with an intro skit, which leads perfectly into the first real song on the album.

Kodak Black's Rocky Road Review Ft Moneybagg Yo

Kodak Black’s Rocky Road Review Ft Moneybagg Yo

Kodak Black’s latest album entitled Rocky Road has officially dropped, and the reviews are in. The 14-track project features great artists.

Overall Kodak’s fourth studio album has received mixed to positive reviews from listeners since its release on April 2022 We will go over some pros and cons of the album below.

Kodak Black dropped his highly anticipated album, Dying to Live, last year.

This project is a follow-up to his two previous critically acclaimed albums: Painting Pictures and Project Baby 2.

Both albums were a huge success and gained Kodak major recognition in mainstream rap culture.

With a few singles already out before it came out, people were eager to hear what else Kodak had in store for us. Did he meet expectations?

Kodak Black has a flair for attention-grabbing, almost shocking headlines and his debut album, Heart Break Kodak, is no different.

The Floridian rapper makes no apologies on his raps about violence and drug use. He grew up in Pompano Beach and started writing lyrics at age 13 because he was bored with school.

He turned himself into authorities at 15 after a gun charge and spent some time in jail before releasing his first single while he was still locked up.

This kind of life experience is obvious throughout Heart Break Kodak. But there’s not much thought to match it.

On Lil Big Pac, Kodak raps: I just took a piss in somebody mama fridge / I put my urine in her Lean Cuisine.

He then follows that up by singing: Watch your little daughter be a freak with me. This isn’t shocking or new, of course.

The standard of quality for Kodak Black has been extremely high.

With several mixtapes under his belt, he delivered with a full-length album Rocky Road that delivered on every level.

It seems like every track is a potential hit, with production that goes beyond what’s expected from an album.

Songs like Wanna Party and No Flockin are sure to be earworms for months to come. The more thoughtful side of Kodak is also highlighted through tracks like Don’t Wanna Breathe and There He Go.

The entire album has such well-balanced instrumentals, it makes you feel like you have listened to something much longer than 22 minutes long.

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His album, Rocky road, is excellent; it might not be for everyone, but it definitely has mass appeal. It will inspire you to fight every day, if you let it.

It’s sure to go down as one of 2022’s best hip-hop albums. In short: a nearly perfect album in an imperfect world.

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