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Lil Nas X Inspired By Doja Cat Because She’s “Hot”

Doja Cat has been recognized as Lil Nas X’s “greatest inspiration.”

The star took to Twitter to congratulate Doja Cat, revealing that her professional success has motivated him and describing her as “sexy.”

“Doja cat has become my biggest motivation,” Nas, who recently released his long-awaited debut album, Montero, tweeted on the microblogging platform. She puts a great deal of thought and effort into everything she does. and she’s a beauty.”

Doja made a guest appearance on Nas’ latest album, and he previously stated that collaborating with the chart-topping artist was a dream come true.

“She’s a pleasant person who takes things seriously but not seriously — you know what I mean?” he explained.

“You can tell she takes her work seriously since she puts a lot of effort into everything she does.”

“Her music, her videos, her attitude is really colorful,” Nas said when asked what he likes about Doja.

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