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Lil Nas X To Reveal Everything About Him In His New Song And Video

Lil Nas X Made tweet where he revealed his new song and video will be more about his lifestyle growing up, all the things the younger Lil Nas X had to go through to make it, he said he can’t wait to reveal this side of him to his fans.

Lil Nas X have seen a massive success In his career at a young age after dropping out of college, his story will be interesting to hear and watch by someone who is still yet to make it, so this makes it such a project worth the anticipation.

Some days after he made the video of the song ‘Montero’ he got massive Backlash from his fans he later explained the reason behind that on social media, so his new song is similar to explaining himself to his fan base on why he acts the way they see him, whether they find him annoying or likeable.


The song is titled ‘Sun goes down’  he is seen rocking a white attire and sitting on a throne, white usually means holiness or some type of cleaning in the entertainment view of it but let’s wait till he release the song and find out what the content is all about.

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