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Lil Xan Accuses Ex-Manager of Supplying Him With Drugs When Xan Nearly Died From His Addiction

Lil Xan is speaking out again after making news for saying his ex-manager aided his near-fatal drug addiction.

“I’m so grateful I was able to finally bring this story to light,” Xan captioned a screenshot of an article about his recent Instagram confession. “And I’m placing all of the responsibility on him?” I couldn’t because I was a drug addict! Is it true that he was supplying me with the very tablets that could have killed me in order to speed up my drug use? YES! I’m making this public because I know this happens far too often, and it’s how we lose some of our best artists far too soon…

These folks must face the consequences of their actions; I recall days on tour when my security had to check on me to see whether I was still breathing! But as long as I was medicated enough to go on stage and make that bag for the team and myself, everything was fine.”

See Xan’s post below:

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