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Masvidal Promise Drake Dinner After He Lost $275K Dollar Bet On Madisval UFC Fight Against Colby Covington

Drake lost $275k dollars (some rappers net worth) on UFC’s main event Saturday night, and the winner was quick to rubbish his music albums.

Drake bet $275,000 on Jorge Masvidal, who fought Colby Covington on UFC main event. Unfortunately for Drake and the money he bet, Masvidal lost to Covington via unanimous decision.

Covington trashed Drake album he said “Let’s talk about all the money that Drake lost tonight. He needs to go back to selling those s**tty albums to get back the money.”

He went harder on Drake the second time, “Drake, you suck at sports betting. Go back to your s**tty little albums and rapping.”

This is a great loss to Champagnepapi because if Madisval won, Drake would have won $1 million dollars via the bet which would have been 725 thousand dollar gain.

Masvidal later promised Drake a dinner, he tweeted “Next time you in Miami dinner on me @Drake”

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