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Meek Mill Buys A House For His Grandmother

People already have negative comments on the house Meek Mill bought for his grandmother who he described as his father’s mother, he bought the house for her to stay and age in the best condition she possibly can.

While some people had negative comments to make there are still some good comments from people who commended Meek on what he did, he is labelled a good hustler who puts family on his priority.

What Meek did is something every hustler trying to get money should learn from to put family at the top of priority, when you finally make that money spend it on them, because if you fail tomorrow they will still be the ones to lift you and support you when everyone is far away from you, then we should also learn to take care of senior citizens in our family because it takes good luck for anyone to become a senior citizen, so treat them how you will like to be treated when you get old.


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