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Michelle Obama Supports Girls Education Programme In New Video

Michelle Obama posted about girls education, she said its good to empower girls by training them in school so they can they can acquire school knowledge, she said the support for this initiative came after she learnt 90 million girls don’t have school education.

She posted a link on her Instagram bio for anyone who wants to know more about it and here it is;
Michelle Obama in her words said  “When I was younger, I loved going to school. It was a place where I could see my friends, learn new skills and explore interesting ideas—and prove to myself that I was capable of being anything I wanted to be. So for me, knowing that more than 98 million adolescent girls aren’t given the chance to be in school is just heartbreaking. These girls are smart and capable, just like I was, and they deserve a shot at being their best. But for a variety of cultural, societal, and economic reasons, they’re not given the same chances—and the pandemic is widening these gaps even further.


The facts are clear. When girls are educated, economies grow, poverty decreases, and families are strengthened. That’s why the work that @GPforEducation is doing to bridge the gender gap in education is so important. Supporting them supports programs, initiatives, and partnerships that ensure our girls have a place in the classrooms where they belong. I hope you’ll join me and #RaiseYourHand for girls’ education—check out the link in my bio to learn more.


She then posted a video about it on Instagram, watch below;


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