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New details emerge about DMX’s unreleased gospel album

New information about DMX’s unreleased gospel album, which he recorded in 2008, has surfaced on the internet.

The celebrity worked on a double album called ‘Walk With Me Now And You’ll Fly With Me Later’ while residing in Arizona in the late 2000s.

The album was supposed to feature one half of hip-hop tracks and the other half of gospel music, but it was never released. The majority of the latter tracks, according to fresh information from Rolling Stone, were recorded in one night.

Pat Gallo, aka Divine Bars, told the publication that he tried to convince the rapper to come to the studio that night, but once he arrived, he walked upstairs to smoke crack in a restroom. He told Gallo to play a beat and write a song to it when he was finished, then record it in one take before repeating the procedure.

Gallo discussed X’s drug use and said that he “sometimes felt like [he] enabled” him. He said, “He knew I’d always be there.”

The producer went on to allege that he and DMX were constantly being followed by cops at the time, and that they “couldn’t leave the house without being pulled over.”

Janyce, a local singer, collaborated with DMX and Gallo on the project. The rapper was waiting outside the voice booth as she completed recording ‘Let Me Be Your Angel,’ and recorded two verses as soon as she finished. “He was in tears as he got out of the booth,” Janyce added. “He was pleading with the Lord.”

Meanwhile, DMX’s final guest verse was published earlier this month as part of Chris Webby’s track ‘We Up.’ In the cameo, he rapped, “X, it’s really disrespectful, n***a/ You don’t have to cross the line for me to check you, n***a/ My scratch game official, match game official/ That aim will hit you, sound like a whistle.”

At the age of 50, DMX passed away on April 9, 2021. His death was ultimately determined to be due to a cocaine-induced heart attack, according to an autopsy.

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