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Nicki Looks Beautiful In All White Fashion With Her Child Papa Bear

Nicki Minaj And Her baby Papa bear looks beautiful in all white fashion both of them looks beautiful in the first slide of the post on Nicki Minaj’s Instagram post, the rest of the slide is Nicki Minaj just showing her fans how beautiful she is by showing off her beautiful face and pretty body, Nicki Minaj fans in reverse remind her how much they love her through the comment section.

One Nicki Minaj fan said the reason she is hated by some people is because of her beauty and all her achievements, this may not be far from the truth but hate is said to be a confused admiraion by some people.

Nicki Minaj seems like she is locked and loaded to come back fully in the music industry like she never left, her Mixtape ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ is already doing pretty well in terms of sales and topping charts and getting huge streams on platforms, plus she is already getting featured on songs there is hope for her fans.

Nicki Minaj return to the music industry will be a great thing for hip hop and also for the new school female rap pioneer who is the new school Lil Kim by the name of Nicki Minaj, while fans await her return let them continue streaming her songs to get their mind ready for the queen.

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