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Nicki Minaj Beef With Cardi B, Remy Ma and Relationship With Offset and Other Celebrities

Nicki Minaj Beef.

Back in 2017, Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma traded disses, but they haven’t mentioned one another since. Remy discussed her long-running beef with Nicki last week when she appeared on the show “Drink Champs.”

Nicki Minaj standing on akimbo

Nick Minaj

Remy claims that things changed when she learned about allegedly derogatory remarks Nicki had said concerning her. There was just some stuff happening behind the curtains that I knew wasn’t fake, messages that I saw, and I was just like, “Nah.”

When questioned about their current “excellent space,” “Not that I know of,” Remy replied.

The Shade Room shared a portion of the “Drink Champs” interview, which prompted a reply from Nicki. She emphasized that she and Remy haven’t yet communicated, although the short video omits any explanation of the timing.

How did Remy Ma and Nicki’s beef start?

Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma

Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma beef

The Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma beef started when Remy Ma released a scathing diss song specifically targeted at Nicki Minaj. The entertainment industry kept track of this and gathered their snacks to observe what is today regarded as one of the biggest rap feuds ever.

Here’s a chronological story of how Nicki and Remy’s beef started.

• In her mixtape Shesus Khryst, which she released in August 2007, Remy proceeds to rap as a “queen,”, particularly on songs like “Queen of NY” and “Banned From NY.”

• On February 23, 2010, Remy was questioned about potential connections to Minaj – not just the conflict between them. According to Times, in a conversation with Jenny Boom on Hot 93.7, Remy also officially denied speculations that she and Minaj were dating. Remy declares in the same interview that she is “glad for her… I enjoy Nicki”.

• Remy recalls questioning Minaj about the phrases of the “Dirty Money” freestyle in a broadcast from prison in May 2010.

“Yeah, what was that line about?” I asked her when I saw her at her party. said Remy. I still believe it was a personal jab at me. Rappers do that, and I have no problem with that”, Remy said.

• Remy assisted Funkmaster Flex during her first appearance after getting sprung out of prison on August 3, 2014.

Remy claims in the interview that Minaj supported her when she was imprisoned.

“Especially when it comes to celebrities like Nicki, Remy added, “I’ve seen interviews she’s done where she’s like, ‘Free Remy’ or ‘tell Rem holla at me. I am confident that I speak for myself when I say that none of them have cast me in a negative light. Neither the old nor the new schools work.” Remy also stated that she wanted to collaborate with Minaj as well as other female MCs on a song.

• Remy released a banger in 2014 against Minaj’s song “Only” on December 10. Yet, the rapper doesn’t criticize Minaj in line with her interview with Hot 97.

• Remy Ma records a freestyle in March 2015 against Minaj’s 2014 smash song “Truffle Butter.” Some interpret her first few words as a subtle jab towards Minaj, coming on the heels of Remy’s remake of her song.

Remy said, “I’m about to put yall out of biz, shop closed. I’m like in a minute let me body b—hes’ tracks, for the millions I would kill these pop h—s/Ain’t no one in these roads like me and potholes/’Bout to put yall out of biz, shop closed”.

Remy Ma’s decision to criticize pop singers is seen by Hot 97 and others as a jab at Minaj, who has previously been characterized as having pop mainstream popularity.

• Remy’s scathing cipher at the BET Hip Hop Awards on September 17, 2016, just under three months, is regarded as a whole other dig at Minaj. Remy informs everybody in the video that she is the “queen of NY” and repeats the words “I’m a mothaf—kin monster,” just like Minaj did in her blockbuster appearance on Kanye West’s “Monster.”. Fans went online, specifically the site Lipstick Alley and Twitter, to debate whether Remy was aiming digs at Minaj.

• Remy and her Terror Squad partner Fat Joe recorded “Money Showers” on November 11, 2016. Remy pulls up a rival on the track who considers herself the “queen,” a title Remy claims she does not merit. “B—h saying she’s the queen? Not even close/Who the f—k gave you your crown, b—h? “How about Steve Harvey?”

• That same November, Remy Ma and Papoose pose alongside Minaj’s ex, Safaree Samuels, who claimed to have essentially created a few of Minaj’s past albums. Times records that Samuels had already stated that he supposedly penned several of Minaj’s singles, notably “Feeling Myself” and “Only,” leaving others to think that Remy’s allegations now have more credence because they are linked to Minaj.

• On February 23rd, 2017 Minaj then drops solos on two distinct tracks, Jason DeRulo’s “Swalla” and Gucci Mane’s “Make Love,” in just under a week.

On “Swalla,” Minaj shouts out an unknown adversary, claiming she got two years—a figure that might equate to Remy Ma’s time out of jail. “I handed these b—hs two years, and now it’s your turn/Bless her heart, she’s firing shots, and yet every line sucks.”

• On February 25, 2017, Minaj’s veiled comments may have had an impact since Remy drops “Shether” a roughly 7-minute diss single that references out Minaj Two days. Remy starts pulling on topics from authoring claims to cosmetic surgery hearsay over the backdrop of Nas’ landmark tune about Jay Z, “Ether.” Remy is open regarding her track’s objective, singling Minaj out from the manner of Nas’ version. The profile photo, which features a mutilated Barbie doll, is an allusion to Minaj’s “Black Barbie” dual personality.

• Remy launches a new diss record, “Another One,” on March 2, 2017, in which she criticizes Minaj for not reacting to “Shether” and refers to Nicki uploading photographs from a recording session rather than recording her own diss song. “Now they’re all busy making videos, and I’m like, nah/ Where the f-k is your song?/ I mean, come on”.

When did Nicki Minaj diss Remy Ma?

Nicki Minaj has dissed Remy Ma by replying to Remy’s diss vocal tracks ‘Shether’ and ‘Another One’ with 3 no-holds-barred tunes of her songs.

Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj

Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj Beef

Meeting up with colleague Young Money members Lil Wayne and Drake for ‘No Frauds,’ Remy Ma raps, “Tried to drop ‘Another One,’ you was itchin’ to scrap/ You exposed your ghostwriter, now you wish you were nixed,” she says.

Who won: Nicki Minaj or Remy Ma?

Remy Ma won the 2017 BET Awards

The conflict between Remi Ma and Nicki Minaj is legendary. This previous fall, Remy Ma mocked Nicki in the song “ShETHER.” “No Frauds” by Nicki was eventually released after that.

Nicki is considered the Queen of Rap by Barbz, who also thinks that her “clapback” won the squabble for her. Everyone else, however, contends that Nicki was adorned by Remy’s initial insult and that winning the feud despite becoming a superstar is not a given.

Remy Ma

Remy Ma

One of the pop music events from 2017 that was most frequently cited was the diss between Remy and Nicki.

The beef was eventually put an end to by Remy. However, at the 2017 BET Awards and VMAs, it flared back up. Nicki eventually gave a clapback in response, but she now finds so much strength in simply defeating her qualities.

Do Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj still beef?

Remy Ma has come out to state that she doesn’t have any issues with anybody. Recall that the American Rapper had Issues with Nicki Minaj years ago.

Who was Nicki Minaj dissing in No Frauds?

“No Frauds” is a song performed by Nicki Minaj, a Trinidadian-American hip hop artist, Lil Wayne, an American rap artist, and Drake, a Canadian artiste. The music is a diss track written in reply to American rapper Remy Ma’s 2017 song “Shether,” which lasted approximately seven minutes and was directed at Minaj.

The music, made by Murda Beatz and Cubeatz, was issued as a title track on March 10, 2017, by Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records, and Republic Records alongside “Changed It” and “Regret in Your Tears.” Minaj disparages Remy in the music for her jail term and commercial success, along with other stuff.

The single “No Frauds” debuted at No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100. Reviewers contrasted the melody to “Shether” and lambasted Drake and Lil Wayne for their performances.

The “Benny Boom-directed” video clip for “No Frauds,” which featured Minaj, Drake, as well as Lil Wayne in different spots all across London, was made public on April 19. The video sparked outrage because it featured Minaj on the Westminster Bridge a fortnight following the recent 2017 Westminster invasion.

Who is Nicki beefing with now?

Nicki Minaj is currently beefing with Cardi B. Nicki and Cardi avoided each other for more than a year as speculations of their purported feud simmered just below the radar. Rap artists engaged in a chilly rebellion through dubious media appearances and covert disses.

Nicki Minaj on a full portrait

Nicki Minaj

Afterward, pictures and videos of a fight among Cardi and Nicki’s groups during New York Fashion Week at the Harper’s Bazaar Icon team went viral online.

On what date did Nicki and Cardi B’s conflict begin, there is disagreement. Although some claim it began as close to the start as March 2017, probably, Cardi’s impression during Remy Ma’s 2017 achievement at Hot 97’s Summer Jam carnival played a role in Nicki’s decision to not embrace the impressionable rapper with arms wide open.

Cardi B was questioned by DJ Envy and Charlamagne during an appearance on The Breakfast Club regarding the purported feud she got with Nicki.

The query was in response to speculations that Belcalis had made fun of Nicki in her appearance on G-“No Eazy’s Limit.” She rapped, “Can you stop with all the subs?/Bitch, I ain’t Jared.”

Cardi refuted that there were any issues, saying, “Man, we’ve just been talking. The end of that.” “People don’t understand that I got beef with 10 bitches in the hood, and I still be in the hood,” she added in response to the “No Limit” rumor.

Cardi B on blue dress

Cardi B

When Migos released “Motorsport,” a hot track with Nicki and Cardi, it was both a positive and negative experience. Even though both artists insisted they had no beef, rumors spread that they were secretly dissing one another on the same music.

But the two women avoided talking about the speculations. Soon afterward, Cardi said to Complex, “I feel like people wouldn’t even be comfortable if I and her were making out on a spazzing photo. People merely want that controversy because it is entertaining, in my opinion.

In a string of tweets that she later deleted, Nicki also refuted the beef. She tweeted about the alleged dispute, referring to “men in our society who refuse to let it go.” “They don’t treat male M.C.s like this.”

Who has beef with the city girls?

JT and Yung Miami from City Girls were strongly attacked by Nicki Minaj this week all through a question and answer session with The Morning Hustle. Because she “wouldn’t work with someone who doesn’t like her,” Nicki claimed that she didn’t want to partner up with the Florida team.

Nicki disclosed they had reached an agreement in a tweet that read, “Just had a wonderful convo with @ThegirlJT & @YungMiami305,” which was published briefly after the question and answer session clip went viral. Let’s move on and create unique recollections – everyone”.

Nicki expressed the same sentiment to JT, who responded, “Sag sister! I appreciate your time and suggestions. A real queen, I adore you! Queen tingz was added by Yung Miami.

Resulting from previous tweets that the City Girls are asserted to have made, Nicki Minaj was reluctant to collaborate with them. She elaborated on the subject while giving a speech to the co-hosts of The Morning Hustle, utilizing a fictitious supper case.

“And the thing is”, Nicki continued, “Everything you say in an interview is there forever, just like anything you post online is there forever.” As an artist and a person first, if I was planning to have dinner with you tonight and then I received a message that said, “Yo, she don’t fuck with you like that, she was trying to say this and she doesn’t really like you, and she said she sincerely hope you actually never,'” I would reconsider being an artist and a person”.

Are Remy Ma and Cardi B friends?

Despite never having a conflict, two different squabbles between Remy Ma and Cardi B have brought them together. Both rap artists and Nicki Minaj have engaged in conflict for varied purposes.

During Summer Jam 2017, Cardi B was brought out on stage by Remy, who has also recorded with her.

What is the beef between Megan and Nicki Minaj?

Megan Thee Stallion is allegedly feuding with Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj, according to speculations.

As soon as Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat faded away from Megan’s Instagram following page on Thursday, media platforms sleuths became alert to this. It’s sufficient evidence, in the eyes of many Twitter users, to support the rumors that have been circulating that Megan and Doja Cat were at odds over the latter’s rejection of a partnership proposal.

Even though Megan and Nicki haven’t publicly denied the gossip, Megan’s scanty postings on social media suggest that stuff would be undoubtedly going on in the background. The “Anaconda” rap artist might only be drawn in by association, according to fans’ speculation, even though the rivalry over the cooperation would not actually concern Nicki Minaj. Having followed their collaboration on the hugely popular “Say So” two years earlier, Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat are well-known best buddies and partners.

Others are making assumptions that Doja Cat initially turned down Megan’s request for partnership due to Nicki, who they think has a grudge against Megan for their joint work on “WAP” with Cardi B, Nicki’s well-known foe.

Megan initially worked with Nicki Minaj on her 2019 new single “Hot Girl Summer,” yet as of the release of “WAP,” diehards have been speculating that the two rappers are not getting along. Concerning the official launch of “WAP,” Nicki Minaj allegedly cut off communication with Megan on media platforms.

Even so, Megan had previously stated to E! News’ Daily Pop that she was not siding with either Nicki or Cardi. “I really, really, really, really like them both. They are two distinct individuals and two distinct rappers. Even so, it is not the same. We should give up trying to start comparing them, she stated “.

Nicki, however, seemingly did not have the same reaction Viewers are to this day troubled by Megan’s mutuality even though Nicki stopped following Megan a year ago.

One user commented on Twitter, “It’s weird that Megan only abruptly stopped following both Doja & Nicki.” A different person said, “Megan got it wrong unfriending Nicki and Doja since Barbz and Kittens are much like the biggest female hip hop stan bases.”

Other users are merely attempting to ascertain the purpose of the step, which, notwithstanding the becoming tiny, is particularly skeptical. One user asked incredulously, “Why did Megan unfollow Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj on Instagram WTF?”

The rap artists haven’t spoken to the media notwithstanding the escalating remarks and rumors.

Do Cardi B and Nicki Minaj get along?

It could seem like the two American singers do not get along.

Nicki and Cardi quickly relapsed into their long-running conflict. Things started to go sour a few weeks into their “peace treaty” when 6ix9ine supposedly appointed the two women who are trying to sue Cardi for a music video starring Nicki Minaj and Kanye West. Although the clip was never completed and is unlikely to be real soon as 6ix9ine is currently incarcerated, this action made it clear that the beef had been just simmering below the surface.

Finally, reportedly, two weeks afterward, in her lyric for the song “MAMA” on 6ix9ine’s new album DUMMY BOY, Nicki yet again sneak-dissed Cardi. I wasn’t out in Spain rocking a Medusa head, she raps, “I ain’t never have to give a rap producer head, but if I do.”

Following Cardi’s “response” to the verse, in which she denied ever having cuddled with DJ Self, her former Love & Hip Hop co-star, diehards of both rap artists attempted to make connections. Though the lyric rundown might be a stretch, it is important to note.

Why are Nicki Minaj and Cardi B not friends?

Nicki made a statement regarding Cardi B’s daughter, Kulture.

From the beginning of 2017, when Cardi B was launching her music profession into the public consciousness, rivalry speculations had been circulating for weeks. However, situations between her and Nicki Minaj didn’t really change around before the October 2017 rollout of Migos’ “MotorSport,” on which they appeared.

During New York Fashion Week in September 2018, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B engaged in an argument at a club which left Cardi B with a messy bun in her hair and Nicki Minaj getting taken aside by security.

Cardi B probably thought Nicki Minaj had fancied insulting remarks regarding her daughter Kulture on media platforms, which led to the altercation.

In the end, they decided to put the controversy behind them on media platforms in October 2018. Nicki Minaj posted on Twitter to her followers, “Ok you guys, let’s focus on important stuff only from here on out.”

“Alright then!” wrote Cardi B. Let’s keep pushing and being optimistic.

Are Cardi B and Nicki Minaj related?

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are not related – whether by affinity or consanguinity.

There is no also friendship between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. The above information expanded rapidly after the two engaged in a highly visible altercation at Harper Bazaar’s ICONS party at the Plaza Hotel in September of last year.

Cardi B took a jab at Nicki Minaj and her crew in the clothing week-circulating clip. Afterward, Cardi clarified in a post on Instagram that the argument stemmed from allegedly insulting Cardi’s daughter, Kulture, by Minaj. Ever since the pair have not yet been able to resolve their conflict, and it doesn’t appear that they will relatively soon.

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj aren’t nearly comparable to performing together up to the mic, as Variety journalist Marc Malkin discovered at a red carpet event on Friday. Malkin questioned Cardi, “Is there ever a chance that you and Nicki would make up and perform together? Cardi didn’t respond to that and then laughed for a very while which was very revealing.

Who is richer: Nicki Minaj or Cardi B?

Cardi B’s net worth is recently projected at 24,000,000 US dollars ($24 million), while Nicki Minaj’s is presently pegged at a staggering 85,0000,000 US dollars ($85 million).

Who is more successful: Cardi B or Nicki Minaj?

The two rap stars are successful in the rapping industry. We would look at their achievements.

Cardi B’s Achievements

• According to the Recording Industry Association of America, Cardi is the female rapper who has the biggest Diamond-certified songs (RIAA).

• She became the first female rapper to get a song certified Diamond thanks to “Bodak Yellow.”

• She became the only female rapper to have multiple songs certified as Diamonds thanks to “Girls Like You.”

• “I Like It” tied for first place among female arts.

• On Pitchfork’s yearly top-rated music of the years 2017 and 2020, Cardi B came in first both times.

• Her debut single received the greatest ranking for a female rapper in the 2010s when it debuted at positions 13 and 34 on Rolling Stone and Billboard staff’s respective lists of the best albums of the decade.

• Cardi B is the female rap artist with the most no.1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 as well as the most weeks spent at the top of the chart.

• She emerged as the first female rapper to repeatedly peak on the worldwide Spotify chart with the pop hits “Taki Taki” and “WAP.”

• As of August 2020, “WAP” has had the highest number of streams in a music’s first week in the United States.

Nicki Minaj’s achievements.

• Eight American Music Awards, 12 BET Awards, seven BET Hip Hop Awards, 4 Billboard Music Awards, 5 MTV Video Music Awards, six MTV Europe Music Awards, 2 People’s Choice Awards, one Soul Train Music Award, and 4 Teen Choice Awards are just a few of the many honors Minaj has received. A number of ten Grammy Award shortlists have been given to Minaj.

• In 2010, Minaj was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group (“My Chick Bad” with Ludacris). Three entries for Minaj were made in 2012, such as those for Best New Artist and Best Rap Albums.

• Additionally, Nicki was nominated for Best Rap Album for the second time in 2014.

• Minaj made history in 2010 by becoming the first female solo artist to concurrently have seven music on the Billboard Hot 100 and the first woman to be named to MTV’s Annual Hottest MC List ever since the list’s founding in 2007.

• According to sales figures and media platforms benchmarks, Minaj came in sixth place on the Rolling Stone genius leaderboard of the “Kings of Hip Hop” in 2011.

• Only Nicki has won the BET Award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist seven times in succession.

• With 44 records in 2013, Minaj tied Mariah Carey for the 7th position among all female artists across types of music and had become the most female artiste on the Billboard Hot 100.

• Twenty of Minaj’s pop hits have risen to the top ten.

• Minaj surpassed Aretha Franklin in 2017 to set a new record for the number of Hot 100 entries made by a female artist.

• Minaj made history in 2018 by becoming the first female artist to have 100 entries on the Hot 100.

• She retained the aforementioned record for the most Hot 100 entries by a female artist till singer-songwriter Taylor Swift surpassed it in December 2020.

• Nicki has the second-most Hot 100 entries of any female artist, just behind Swift.

• 2019’s Game Changer Award went to Nicki from Billboard Women in Music.

Who is the Queen of Rap: Nicki Minaj or Cardi B

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B Beef

The term “Queens Of Rap” has been applied to a variety of female rappers all across popular music. Through their notoriety and untold numbers of rap music that they inspired other rap artists to write, they earned a respectable identity. Nicki Minaj achieved a high level of fame in the 2000s and is now regarded as the Queen of Rap.

The most well-known female rapper for more than a decade, Nicki Minaj, is regarded as the “Queen Of Rap.” She is one of the most well-known figures in music thanks to her numerous accolades, her numerous hit singles, and the fact that she has motivated and continues to support a lot of new artists.

In both the rap and hip-hop and pop worlds, Nicki Minaj is currently the best.

Nicki’s discography includes the albums Queen from 2018, “The Pinkprint” from 2014, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded from 2012, and Pink Friday from 2010. She currently has more than 190 million Instagram followers, making her the rapper with the largest following.

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Offset and Nicki Minaj’s relationship.

Kiari Kendrell Cephus, better known by his stage name Offset, was born on December 14, 1991, in the United States. Together with his cousin Quavo and his cousin once removed Takeoff, he is a participant in the rap music and trap group Migos. He as well invests in the esports group FaZe Clan.

Nicki Minaj and Offset

Nicki Minaj and Offset Relationship

One time as a solo singer, Offset worked with Nicki Minaj on the song “No Flag.”

Offset wedded American stripper Cardi B in 2017. He used to be a blunt critic before they got married. During her Cardi B feud, Nicki reportedly makes subtle jabs at him in a few of her pop songs.

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