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Nle Choppa Gets a Tattoo Of His Daughter On His Leg

Nle Choppa gets a tattoo of his daughter Clover Brylie Potts on his right leg, on a post he shared on Instagram he posted two slides of the leg tattoo and face of his beautiful baby.

Nle Choppa’s baby looks cute and the tattoo artist did a great job by drawing a beautiful tattoo that looks like his daughter on his leg, he must have paid a lot of money and spent a long time while trying to get the tattoo.

Nle Choppa is a great dad just like his music is great, he is one of the rappers whose music career blew up at a young age.

The last time Nle Choppa Got into a fight he proved he can hold his own and fight anyone despite his opponent size, So he can do the same for his daughter which is fight and protect his daughter.

See Instagram pictures of Nle Choppa’s daughter tattoo;


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