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P. Diddy Celebrates Notorious B.I.G 50th Birthday In A New Video

P. Diddy celebrates the birthday of notorious B.I.G’ who was the first artist he transformed from an underground rapper to a big rap superstar, Notorious B.I.G would have been 50 years today if he wasn’t shot, P. Diddy said this in his word ” I MISS YOU BROTHER!!! The WHOLE WORLD MISSES YOU. FOREVER LOVE!!! #happybirthdayBIG” he expressed how much he miss his biggest artist since the start of his label ‘Bad Boys Records’.


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P. Diddy may miss Notorious B.I.G more than any other hip hop artist, judging from how close and big they were as an artist before he died. P. Diddy made a video for Notorious B.I.G where he coupled his childhood picture to his picture when he became grown and rich as a rapper its so emotional because Puffy is in the video with Notorious B.I.G so it’s so personal to him. Fans Of Notorious B.I.G will forever miss such a huge talent that was taken away from them.

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