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Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian pose with fan after Kanye West’s vow to win back ex

At a Beverly Hills hotel, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian were spotted together.

While enjoying breakfast together in the Los Angeles venue, the sexy new couple posed for photos with a fan.

The encounter came just hours after Kanye West, Kim’s estranged husband, posted a throwback photo of the two kissing and promised to reunite with his soon-to-be ex-wife.

The reality TV personality and Saturday Night Live comic gleefully took photographs with a fellow diner in the fancy hotel, seemingly unfazed by the rapper’s public expression of devotion for his ex.

The lucky fan in question, Paul Barewijk, couldn’t contain his joy as he posted the selfies with the stars to his Instagram account on Saturday morning.

The fan can be seen posing alongside the two stars in the dining area in the two photos, both appearing fresh-faced and joyful.

Paul’s caption, which is written in Dutch, approximately translates as follows: “OMG, YOU’RE MAKING ME CRAZY! EATING BREAKFAST NEXT TO KIM KARDASHIAN AND PETE DAVIDSON.”

He then used the hashtag #onlyinamerica and tagged a number of international celebrities in the tweet.

Paul also shared the photos on his Instagram Story, where he explained how the photos came to be.

The rough translation of his update says, “She was really sweet, and so was he, but two seconds later [they] were gone.”

“We took two pictures, by the way. Pete Davidson snapped the photos and took the selfie personally, which is a fun fact “He also added to the tale of seeing a celebrity.

Kim and Pete haven’t confirmed their relationship, but they’ve been seen holding hands and hanging out together several times in recent weeks.

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