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Polo G And Lil Wayne To Release New Music And K-Pop Fans Are Worried

Rapper Polo G and Lil Wayne to release new music this Friday, they were both hanging out, Polo G also confirmed his album is almost done and will be released very soon, Lil Wayne seem so happy to be working with one of the people he inspired in his wonderful career.

In the other genre of music known as K-pop, fans of K-pop on twitter is angry because one of their artist BTS will also release music on the same Friday, so they are not happy to hear Polo G and Lil Wayne will release music the same day.

The reason for their angeis yet to be known but from reaction they want BTS to occupy the whole trend on music platform, this is not actually true because there is enough room for everyone in the music platforms music lovers cannot listen to one song the whole day so there’s always enough room for any amount of music to trend on music platforms.


Polo G’s upcoming album is titled hall of fame, Polo G, whose last single Rapgod debuted at No. 1 His new single will be a collab with Lil Wayne and may attain the same level of success.


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