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Polo G Bought His Brother An Insanely Expensive SUV For Christmas

Polo G, a Chicago rapper, had a breakout year thanks to his successful album Hall of Fame.

It’s no wonder, then, that he went all out for his family over the holidays.

This year, the rapper spent a lot of money to make his family happy. His immediate family was showered with gifts ranging from high-end jewelry to designer clothes.

The most thrilling gift, though, was given to his younger brother, Trench Newborn, who is still a baby. Polo purchased a 2022 Range Rover for his 16-year-old sibling.

Polo G is seen leading his brother outside their home, where a dark blue SUV is parked in front of the house with a bright red bow wrapped around it.

Trench Baby is understandably overjoyed and ecstatic as a result of Polo G’s gift, which has a starting price of $100,000.

“Range Rover 2022 is a new model. Rn, words can’t express how I’m feeling. No matter what, my big brudda always makes sure he comes through for the kid. Broski 5eva 5eva 5eva 5eva 5eva 5eva 5eva 5eva 5 Thank you very much. Bought me my first car and gave me some memories I’ll never forget.”

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