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Pop Smoke’s Gravesite Vandalized, Casket May Have Been Dragged Out – Report

Pop Smoke’s Gravesite Vandalized, Casket May Have Been Dragged Out – Report

Vandals are said to have desecrated Pop Smoke’s tomb.

It’s unclear when the heinous deed occurred, but the desecrated mausoleum was discovered in Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery on Saturday morning (Sept. 11). TMZ received photographs of the late rapper’s crypt, which is plainly split open and littered with crumbled marble. According to the celebrity news site, scrape traces leading from the tomb indicate that the criminals may have gotten to the casket and hauled it out into the ground.

According to reports, the person who discovered the scene alerted security. The damaged cover was removed and replaced with an unmarked slab hours later. The debris had been cleaned, and the burial was surrounded by caution tape.

Pop Smoke’s staff and the Green-Wood Cemetery have been contacted for comment by XXL.

Pop Smoke was shot and died during a house invasion in a leased property in the posh Hollywood Hills region of Los Angeles on Feb. 19, 2020, nearly two years ago. He was supposed to be buried at Cypress Hill Cemetery in east Brooklyn, but the location was altered to Green-Wood.

New information about the killing, for which five people have been detained, including two kids, emerged in May. On the night of the murder, the five intruders stormed into Pop’s house and attempted to rob him while he was in the shower with a revolver. One of the young defendants admitted in a jail interview that the Brooklyn rapper fought back and was shot as a result.

Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, and Faith, Pop Smoke’s posthumous albums, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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