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Ray Sawyer Net Worth at Death, Cause Of Death and Daughter Death

Net Worth And Quick Facts

Ray Sawyer is a rock singer with a net worth of $9 million. Ray Sawyer was born in New York City on February 1, 1937. In the 1970s, he was best known as the lead singer for Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show, and on stage, he was well-known for wearing an eyepatch and a cowboy hat.


Singer Raw Sawyer on eye patch

Ray Sawyer

Ray Sawyer is an American singer who was a member of the 1970s rock band Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show. Despite being primarily an auxiliary vocalist and occasional percussionist on congas or maracas, he sang the lead role in their hit song “The Cover of Rolling Stone” and is a recognizable presence in the group due to his eyepatch and cowboy hat, as he is always seen wearing it on stage and even sometimes seen wearing them outside. He is also the uncle of Wild Fire singer Zack Sawyer.


BornFebruary 01, 1937, Chickasaw, Alabama, U.S.
DiedDecember 31, 2018, Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S.
GenresCountry Music
InstrumentsVocals, percussion, maracas, congas, guitar
Years active1967–2015 (in Dr. Hook featuring Ray Sawyer)
Net Worth$9 MILLION (2022)
HometownChickasaw, Alabama, United States of America
SpouseLinda Sawyer
ChildrenCayse (son)
Cayse (son)Parents

Ray Sawyer Before Fame

In the early 1960s, he began releasing music, and in 1968, he formed Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show.


He lost his right eye in a car accident, prompting him to wear his signature eye patch.

Ray Sawyer Family Life

In 1969, he married his wife, Linda, and they were blessed with a son. His son became a musician as well.

Ray Sawyer Past Collaborations

He worked with artists such as Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.

Ray Sawyer Personal Life

Ray Sawyer was born in Chickasaw, Alabama, in the United States of America on February 1, 1937. He managed to keep some aspects of his personal life fairly private, so no one knows who his parents are. For the same reason, there is no information on his childhood or where he received his education. But the media know, however, that he was an American of white Ethnicity.

Relationship life

When it came to his personal life, he kept it a secret. There is no information on whether or not he was in a relationship with other women before he married his wife. It is being looked into. Ray Sawyer died in December 2018 as a result of an illness.

Ray Sawyer Professional Life

Ray Sawyer worked as a singer professionally. He sang in the rock band Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show. Sawyer was in a car accident in 1967 that caused him to lose his sight. This did not cause him to take a step back as she started using eye patch on the right eye as his signature. He continued to do what he loved, which was singing, and became well-known for the eye patch he always wore on stage.

There isn’t much information available about Ray’s professional life, although It is being looked into by the media.

Ray Sawyer daughter death

Watch video of Ray Sawyer daughter’s death story, below;

Many Rumors say that Ray Sawyer only had a son while some rumours say he has a daughter who died named Amy but no one knows if he truly has a daughter and not much is known by his alleged daughter’s death

Ray Sawyer songs and album (in bracket)

The Cover of “Rolling Stone” Below (Sloppy Seconds · 1972)

Sharing The Night Together

(Pleasure and Pain · 1978)

Sylvia’s Mother

(Doctor Hook · 1972)

When You’re in Love With a Beautiful Woman

(Pleasure and Pain · 1978)

A Little Bit More

(A Little Bit More · 1976)

Sexy Eyes

Las 50 Mejores Canciones De Los (Ochenta, Vol. 2 (80’s) · 2015)

Only Sixteen

(Bankrupt · 1975)

Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk

(Het Beste Uit JOE’s 80ies Top 800 (Digital Version) · 2012)

I Got Stoned And I Missed It

(Bankrupt · 1975)

Storms Never Last

(Pleasure and Pain · 1978)

Carry Me, Carrie

(Sloppy Seconds · 1972)

Queen of the Silver Dollar

(Sloppy Seconds · 1972)

Daddy’s Little Girl

(Collected · 2015)

Freakin’ At the Freakers’ Ball

(Sloppy Seconds · 1972)

Better Love Next Time

(Completely Hooked · 1992)

If Not You

(A Little Bit More · 1976)

The Millionaire

(Bankrupt · 1975)

I Don’t Want To Be Alone Tonight

(Pleasure and Pain · 1978)

Years From Now

(Completely Hooked · 1992)

Penicillin Penny

(Belly Up! · 1973)

You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance

(Pleasure and Pain · 1978)

More Like The Movies

(A Little Bit More · 1976)

A Couple More Years

(A Little Bit More · 1976)

Life Ain’t Easy

(Belly Up! · 1973)

Walk Right In

(Making Love & Music · 1977)

Get My Rocks Off

(Sloppy Seconds · 1972)

Storm Never Last

(Pleasure and Pain · 1978)

Looking for Pussy

(Sloppy Seconds · 1972)

Last Mornin’

(Sloppy Seconds · 1972)

Don’t Play That Song

(A Little Bit More · 1995)

The Ballad of Lucy Jordan

(Sylvia’s Mother · 1989)

Songs Written By Ray Sawyer

Original Songs

Let the Loose End Drag

Ray Sawyer

Dr. Hook

October 1977

Covered by (2 artists)

Life Ain’t Easy

Shel Silverstein, Ray Sawyer

Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show

August 24, 1973

Covered by Jouko ja Kosti

You Ain’t Got the Right

Dennis Locorriere, Ron Haffkine, Ray Sawyer, Jay David

Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show

November 1973

Covered by (2 artists)

Ray Sawyer cause of death

Ray Sawyer, vocalist and percussionist for Dr Hook & the Medicine Show, died at the age of 81. According to his wife, Linda Sawyer, he died “peacefully in his sleep” after a brief illness.

He died in Daytona Beach, Florida, at the age of 81.

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Partnership with Songwriter Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein, an author and songwriter, heard the band’s demo tape and hired Ray’s band to record his songs. Silverstein wrote the band’s first hit songs, “The Cover of Rolling Stone” and “Sylvia’s Mother.”

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