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Read Dove Cameron’s Letter As She Mourns Cameron Boyce Death in 2021

Cameron Boyce is a co actor and a friend of Dove Cameron who died in his sleep due to epilepsy, the following is a write up by Dove Cameron as she mourns the death of a fellow she miss so much ;


Dove Cameron wrote “you should be 22 today. i am wearing your old shirt , the one i think you slept in mostly. i wish it still smelled like you. i hope it still holds your dna, some piece of you. i close my eyes when i imagine the same place that covered your collar bones and heart now cover mine.


i’m sitting in my hot car in the valley as i type this, the smell of los angeles concrete heat and traffic in the sun all around me. everything feels intimately normal, in times like these, mundane even, i’m 17 again and you are 14 and we have just met. we will pass each other on our way to our respective sets in the morning, each morning, and we’ll share a mischievous twinkle about everything that lies ahead of us. i still have years to love you more than i would then, we still have years.


i will love you like this forever, stuck in time , always in the back of the van with you. you still make me laugh like no one else. i have never been so sure that i can still feel the warmth of your cheek on mine, on my laughing lips as i fall over you, casual and clumsy tuesday morning, you are my family, we are kids like this


i’ll never understand and my head aches most days so i try to lay down the burden of making sense of it. but i hold your body in mine forever , everywhere i go, i hold you, i carry you lovingly, willingly. i am lucky for this . we are all better for it”



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That’s an emotional write up from the heart of Dove Cameron who misses a loved one, her fans went to the comment section of her Instagram post to pour out tears emoji and expression of grief with words, some said they couldn’t finish reading Dove Cameron post without crying while some others said they miss Cameron Boyce just like Dove miss him, it’s both a sad situation for Dove Cameron and her fans.

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