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Read Michelle Obama’s Touching Message On George Floyd’s Day

The following is the words of Michelle Obama;

It’s been a year since those horrifying 9 minutes and 29 seconds stole George Floyd’s life and shook up so many of us. And it’s easy, after everything that’s happened, to focus primarily on the pain and the grief, the past traumas that came rushing back, the protests, the difficulty of reliving it all during a trial. It’s been a lot—a heavy, exhausting year in so, so many ways.


But today, I can’t help but think of this clip of George’s daughter, Gianna. This was not just a national tragedy, but a human one. This little girl lost her father. And every time I watch this video, I see someone who loved her dad, who’s been forced to grow up a lot faster, and who probably had a lot of moments this past year that weren’t quite as joyful as this one.


But in her, I also see the truth of an entire generation—a generation that’s already seen so much, but won’t let this world steal their hope.


Some of them may still be small enough to sit on our shoulders, some of them are studying in college or just getting started with their careers. But it won’t be long before they’ll be the ones carrying us forward, urging us to move faster, aim higher, and see the world a little more clearly. This past year, we’ve seen so many young people out there marching, chanting, singing, dancing—and voting. It’s just a glimpse of their promise. And it offers such a powerful portrait of what’s to come.


But their energy and conviction doesn’t absolve us of our own responsibility right now. No, we can’t let up for even a second. That means holding local leaders accountable, voting in new prosecutors and sheriffs if we have to, and speaking out about our own experiences of injustice and discrimination. That’s how we make sure “Daddy changed the world” isn’t a fleeting moment online, but a lasting change all across the country.


And to Gianna, I am sending you and your family so much love and positive energy today. I know this can’t be an easy day for you all. But I want you to know that you were right—your daddy did change the world. And now it’s up to all of us to honor his memory and keep changing it for the better. ?”

Video below;


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