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Rick Ross explains why he doesn’t drive in Tesla’s despite being friends with the owner Elon Musk

In a video posted by Daily Loud on twitter rapper Rick Ross explains why he doesn’t own a Tesla or drive around in one.

According to Rick Ross he believes “the government can tap into the brain of the car” which means his privacy is not secure riding in a Tesla.

Watch Video of Rick Ross explaining why he doesn’t ride around in a Tesla, below;


Fans reacting to his reasons couldn’t help but laugh about it some believe he is living fake image of a drug dealer while another fan sarcastically said he doesn’t have the money to buy himself a new Tesla, knowing fully well about his luxurious collection of cars nobody will believe that.

GameboyJones   said “Damn just wait till he hears about cell phones 😂” this is him saying that if Ross is not riding Tesla cars because of privacy issues he should also not be using mobile phones as both have the same flaws.

Another sarcastic fan by the name of Alex Said “My audio is off but what did he say? He can’t fit in it?” she jokingly mocked Ross over his weight and claims the rapper may be having a hard time trying to fit inside Tesla because of his body size.

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A Matt B who seem not to like Rick Ross music so well said “All these years and Rick Ross is still pretending to be a drug dealer” he believes the rapper is living off a fake image of a drug dealer who doesn’t is trying to protect his privacy from the government.

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