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Rod Wave New album 2022: Tracklist, Release Date, Features and Review of Beautiful Mind

Who is Rod Wave

Today, Rod Wave is undoubtedly a fan favorite, and rightfully so. Although he has only been active for five years, the St. Petersburg, Florida, artist has been smoothly coasting to the top with each release despite his short tenure in the industry.

Does Rod Wave have platinum album

Rod wave new album cover art

Rod wave new album cover art

Rod Wave is already in his own lane and performing in the booth the way that suits him best because nearly all of his albums have achieved platinum status so far.

Rod wave Age when he released Beautiful Mind album

The 22-year-old is without a doubt one of the few artists in today’s younger age that stands out from their work ethic alone, and it is something that will never go unnoticed. Rod Wave releases his fourth studio album, Beautiful Mind, to the public today (Aug. 12).

Rod wave new album 2022 release date

He announced the album’s new release date during a brief live Instagram video he did on Monday. The new date is Friday, August 12. It was initially scheduled to arrive in shops and DSPs on June 3rd, but that date was later moved up to June 10th. Fans continued to wait for it to appear, but it was never seen and there was no official statement from him or the label.

Rod Wave new album song name

Over the weekend, Rod Wave unveiled the name of his upcoming album, Beautiful Mind. The “Tombstone” rapper announced the good news in a new freestyle performed over the I NEVER LIKED YOU hit “WAIT FOR U” by Future, Drake, and Tems.

Rod wave new album name

Rapper Rod Wave

Rapper Rod Wave

The new album “Beautiful Mind” by Rod Wave features Jack Harlow and December Joy. Trace writer William Cowen tweets dramatically and erratically as well. Friday saw the release of Rod Wave’s Beautiful Mind, which the musician had earlier promised would be his “final sad ass record.”

Rod Wave New Album Beautiful Tracklist:

1. Alone

2. Yungen (feat. Jack Harlow)

3. Never Get Over Me

4. Stone Rolling

5. I Know It

6. Forever

7. No Deal

8. Quiet Storm (feat. December Joy)

9. Sweet Little Lies

10. Rockstar Heart

11. Fading

12. Time Kills (Love Birds)

13. Druski Phone Skit

14. Keep Going

15. Never Find Us

16. Mafia

17. Me Vs. The World

18. Pieces

19. Pt. II (1-888-HOES)

20. Everything

21. Married Next Year

22. Better

23. By Your Side

24. Cold December

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