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Roddy Ricch Addresses Saweetie Romance Rumours

Roddy Ricch has debunked the romance claims.

The Compton rapper was photographed courtside at the Lakers vs. Suns game in October, and Saweetie was sitting next to him. After fans saw images of them together at the Staples Center, social media went crazy, with some followers assuming they were dating.

Roddy addressed the rumors about his love life while promoting his new album LIVE LIFE FAST on REAL 92.3’s “Big Boy’s Neighborhood.”

He quipped, “For all the females out there, stop sitting next to me next to the games.” “I was the first to take a seat.”

People approached Roddy to inquire about the rumors, but he was there to celebrate his birthday and was more interested in the game than the person seated next to him.

He added, “I’m at the game, it’s my birthday, I’m faded out of my mind.” “I’m not worried about who’s sitting next to me.” I’m attempting to follow the Lakers. They were defeated by a score of 30 in that game.”

Roddy has been romantically involved with Allie Kay, despite the fact that he is not dating Saweetie. In May 2020, the couple had a baby son.

Saweetie, on the other hand, has recently been linked to Lil Baby. During a buying binge at the Chanel store, the Atlanta rapper allegedly spent approximately $100,000 on the ICY GRL.

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