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Ruby Rose Boyfriend, Relationship Status And Gender Fluid Story

Ruby Rose Bio

Ruby Rose Langenheim was born in March 1986. Ruby Rose is a supermodel, actor, and media personality from Australia. Rose worked as a hostess on MTV Australia from 2007 until 2011, and then went on to work for a group of elite modeling companies, particularly Maybelline New York in Australia.

Ruby has also co-hosted television programs such as Australia’s Next Top Model (2009) and The Project on Network Ten between 2009 and 2011.

Ruby Rose on a boat

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose Profile

Name: Ruby Rose

Date of Birth: March 20, 1986

Profession: Model, actor, Media personality.

Spouse: None

Ruby Rose Early Life.

Ruby Rose is the great-granddaughter of German film star Ellen Bang and the child of Katia Langenheim, a 20-year-old single mum, and artist whom Rose sees as one of her role models.

Ruby Rose moved about a lot as a kid, residing in rural Victoria, Tasmania, and Surfers Paradise before settling in Melbourne.

Ruby Rose went to University High School and Footscray City College as an adolescent.

Ruby Rose is the great-grand-daughter of Alec Campbell, the only remaining Australian warrior, and the goddaughter of Indigenous Australian fighter Lionel Rose.

Ruby Rose Sexuality

At the age of 12, Ruby Rose declared herself a lesbian.

Ruby Rose Gender Fluid and Depression

Considering her stereotypes and gender variation, Ruby Rose claims she was harassed, including verbal and nonverbal harassment from her classmates. A close family member assaulted her psychologically while she was a kid. At the age of twelve, Ruby Rose had severe depression and contemplated suicide.

Ruby Rose has battled psychiatric issues during her adult existence, attempting suicide more than once and being hospitalized with complicated post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic anxiety, which had been originally mistaken as bipolar disorder.

Ruby Rose revealed even as a child, she believed she was a male and that she would be cutting costs to medically transform from female to male.

“She stated,” she explained “I had it in my head as being something I intended to do, but then I didn’t. I guess I’ve outgrown it. I used to sometimes lay on my front to avoid getting boobs, which I believe succeeded.”

Ruby Rose describes herself as gender-fluid, asserting:

“I’m gendered flexible, and I feel like I’m gender-neutral when I get up every day.”

This news comes a week after she launched Break Free, a video in which she changes from quite a feminine woman to a highly tattooed guy. Rose mentioned that she likes to use feminine pronouns, but she does use they/them pronouns as well.

Ruby Rose stated that she’d have to select a gender, she would choose male, but that she does not believe she should have just been born with diverse physiological parts.

When Ruby Rose saw her transgender colleagues’ urge to transform, she asked herself if her want to change mirrored each, and she decided she was ok staying unisex.

“I believe I will remain a woman at this time, but who knows. I’m in such a good place right now, and I love it, but I often swing a lot “Remarked the actress.

Ruby Rose went on to say that she’s glad she didn’t have genital surgery and that she wants to have children someday. Modeling, she claims, taught her about androgyny and enabled her to experiment with multiple sexual identities.

“I recalled while at a yum cha cafe with my father and the owner saying, ‘Forgive me, we’re having a hard time figuring out if you’re a lovely guy or a beautiful girl,'” Ruby recounted.

“I was taken aback by the praise, and when I pondered about it, I realized I aspired to be a gorgeous boy.” The actress went on to say.

Rose Ruby had urgent back surgery in 2019 during a spine severely compromised by executing rigorous gymnastics in this setting of Batwoman, which resulted in at least herniated discs. Ruby stated that she’d be crippled if the operation was not performed.

Ruby Rose is an ardent advocate of the Geelong Cats of the Australian Football League.

Is Ruby Rose in a relationship?

Ruby Rose on sun glasses

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose has at least 10 past partners. From 2014 until 2015, she was betrothed to Phoebe Dahl, Catherine McNeil in 2010, and Lyndsey Anne in 2009.

Ruby Rose has reportedly been in at least ten relationships. Ruby Rose has been in relationships with Harley Gusman, Lauren Abedini, Jessica Origliasso, Vanessa Amorosi, and Lola Van Vorst since 2016.

In 2015, Ruby Rose was linked to Ashley Frangipane, according to reports.

Who is Ruby Rose’s lover?

It is reported that Ruby Rose does not have a lover. But we would take you on the number and details of the relationship Ruby Rose has had.

Jessica Origliasso.

Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso, 36, of The Veronicas, with an on, off-again affair that began in 2008. The girls renewed their relationship multiple years previously, but it wasn’t until November 2016 that they were sincere to each other about it.

According to Who Australia, it was the “steamy” music video for “On Your Side,” which Ruby created and directed for The Veronicas as well as acting opposite Jessica, that brought them together at the time.

“We’ve had such a fantastic experience forward in the last eight years, and then we made this music video, and everything changed. I had to tell her how I felt since she’s fantastic “said the Cybergirl actor and singer.

Nevertheless, that is no surprise how the romance caused a lot of strain on The Veronicas, with the Australian artist later admitting that it nearly broke them apart.

In April 2018, Ruby Rose and Jessica confirmed their breakup on Twitter, with the Pitch Perfect 3 actress writing: ” “I’ve spent the last two years learning from and living my life with an incredible individual. I consider myself to be quite fortunate to have had this opportunity.”

“For me, it was time to leave that circumstance and be as fit and positive as I deserve to be,” Jessica said on Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O’s radio show.


Ruby and I have chosen to part ways after two amazing years together,”

Phoebe told the Us Weekly at the time. “While we still help and cherish each other unconditionally, we have mutually decided to separate ways.” We are not breaking up because of media conjecture, and we only want the kindest thing for each other. Thank you for being so considerate of our privacy during this terrible time.”

Upon the breakup, Ruby had nothing but wonderful words for people discussing her ex-fiancée.

“Phoebe has a special place in my heart. I shall cherish our time together for the rest of my life. Due to the sheer time we spent together, I’m a better person. ‘It’s possible to be happy and left than not to ever loved at all,’ they say.

Ruby Rose and Phoebe, who revealed their relationship in March 2014 and resided around at Ruby’s Silver Lake, Los Angeles house, mutually ended things just at end of 2015 due to respective clashing working arrangements, despite initially opting to postpone their wedding till 2016.

Phoebe Dahl, a 32-year-old fashion designer, was Ruby Rose’s most publicized and serious relationship.

Ruby Rose and Phoebe became hitched only 3 months after getting their rapid relationship somewhere at beginning of 2014, with Ruby claiming she requested Phoebe to marry her three to four times until she eventually answered yes, according to People.

“I met Ruby at a BBQ I hosted a year and a half ago, and we were engaged in less than three months.” Everything happened so quickly… In a later interview, Phoebe, the granddaughter of Roald Dahl and the creator of the philanthropic clothing business Faircloth & Supply, said, “Honestly, we’re not apart from that frequently.”


The Return of Xander Cage star was photographed for a week on a date with Halsey, 27, just weeks after she and her ex-fiancée Phoebe called it quits.

Although Ruby Rose and Hasley won’t acknowledge they were dating but were still romantically linked a few occasions in December 2015, the media went crazy each moment Ruby and the “Without Me” musician walked out for coffee together.

As per E! News, the two began exchanging flirtatious Twitter messages in August of the same year, fueling rumors that they were dating.

Demi Lovato

A month from the date with Hasley, Ruby was already linked to Demi Lovato, another well-known hip-hop artist.

The pair didn’t overtly engage, as they did with her alleged secret affair with Halsey, but they did set rumors flying after it was said they chatted a lot on Instagram back in 2018.

Demi left a triad of souls under a photo of Ruby in a swimsuit on Ruby’s Fourth of July post at the time. “Hurry!” said the John Wick: Chapter 2 actress and that was enough to make tongues wag.

Reports of a sexual relationship involving Demi and Wilmer Valderrama initially surfaced in 2013, when Demi and her long-term lover Wilmer Valderrama would be on the mend.

Ruby Rose’s boyfriend.

According to Wikipedia, Ruby Rose is into female relationships and thus has no Boyfriend.

The Media Personality is believed to be single at the moment.

Are Ruby and Weiss still together?

Ruby Rose waving hand and dyed her hair white

Ruby Rose

Yes, the pair are still together, as Ruby decides to forgive Weiss for ‘betraying’ her.

Signal Academy alumna Ruby Rose is an alumnus. Qrow Branwen, her uncle, and tutor trained her about using Crescent Rose when she was still there, and she made numerous acquaintances with who together she attempted to maintain contact in volume 1 of the Anime.

Beacon Academy.

In Volume 2 of the Anime, Ruby has also attended Beacon Academy as a first-year student. Professor Ozpin was pleased by her combat prowess in her confrontation with Roman Torchwick and his thugs, and also her Silver Eyes, and she was accepted two years ahead of the typical student.

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What is Ruby Rose doing now?

Ruby Rose on blue clothes

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose, 36, is ‘choosing to leave Hollywood and heading to Australia’ following alleging that she worked in hazardous circumstances on the Warner Bros. Television show Batwoman before being sacked.

The Daily Telegraph claimed on Sunday that the Melbourne actress “will return to her old stomping spot for the summer.”

The veteran actress has lived in Los Angeles for numerous years, wherein she rose to fame by starring in the popular television show Orange Is The New Black.

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