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Saweetie Gets Clowned Badly After Performance Videos Go Viral – Watch

A recent Saweetie concert has dominated social media and become the subject of endless clever memes on Twitter.

On Dec. 10, while singing her smash singles “Icy Grl” and “Icy Chain” at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in New York City’s Madison Square Garden, the Bay Area rapper appeared to be a little out of breath.

Snippets of the performance began circulating online on December 11 and became viral this week, with many people criticizing Saweetie’s stage appearance and lack of endurance.

“Sweetie, it became worse and worser,” one individual typed.

Another person brought up the double standard in the music industry, comparing Saweetie’s eating habits and the impact they may have on her performances to Lizzo, who gets hateful comments for carrying herself as a full-figured woman and artist but still manages to give an energetic and quality performance.

“Saweetie can’t perform without being out of breath because of the garbage she eats, but people assume she’s healthy. Those same individuals scream about Lizzo’s size, despite the fact that she can run and perform circles around Miss 6 Piece Nugget Meal “The Twitter user typed something.

Saweetie just signed a partnership with McDonald’s, but before that, she used social media to share her fast-food and junk-food recipes and combinations.

The 2021 Jingle Ball tour has made stops in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and New York City, among others. The tour includes Lil Nas X, Doja Cat, and others. Doja Cat recently announced that she will not be performing at upcoming shows due to contracting COVID-19 again.

The tour will then travel to Washington, D.C. and Atlanta before concluding in Miami.

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