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Tekashi 6ix9ine is recognized for his continual trolling on the internet, in addition to his music and rainbow hair. The “FeFe” rapper has been in viral battles with some of hip-biggest hop’s names, putting a face to the phrase “I’m not terrified of anyone.” Tekashi has exhibited no remorse for his previous rude words directed at the rapper’s deceased loved ones in the heat of his fights.


Tekashi has been laying low recently, but he’s come out of hiding to go back and forth with Blueface Baby, a California rapper.


The feud began after 6ix9ine remarked on DJ Akademiks’ video of Blueface Baby getting a tattoo of his jeweler’s name on the side of his head. Under the post, the rainbow-haired rapper wrote, “He obviously owed them money for unpaid jewelry.”


Blueface replied with a face to palm emoji, “You literally trying to stay relevant.”


“Kids hungry, daddy hungry,” the Thotiana rapper said, “but you claim [cap emoji] to stroll around with ‘so much money’ [cap] that’s a damn disgrace @akademiks @6ix9ine.” Blueface is referencing to previous claims that featured a video of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s biological father, who was said to be destitute and in need of assistance.


Sara Molina, the rapper’s child’s mother, also claims that the artist does not financially support their daughter.


Tekashi 6ix9ine retorted, “Stop talking like you got money buddy, you clearly don’t have it.” The rapper then taunted Blueface Baby by posting a video of himself attempting to buy a chain at a jewelry store. The video’s caption states, “One hit wonder problems.”



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