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The Rock Gets A Bull Tattoo On His Right Arm In Preparation For His Movie Black Adam

The Rock gets a new bull tattoo on his right arm, on the post he made on Instagram he is seen in the tattoo studio and the tattoo artist is almost done with drawing the bull tatto which looks perfect for the Hollywood character and persona The Rock built from his days a wrestler to now he is a mega artist in Hollywood and he is only getting better and bigger.


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The Rock wrote on Instagram “Evolution of the Bull tattoo is almost complete.


Day 2 and inking over 25 hours so far with my brother and hyper-realistic specialist @yomicoart in my basement.


Yomico’s masterful in his skill and we’ve spent many months (almost a year thru Covid) collaborating on details and story that the tattoo will represent.

Almost done and almost time to break out the tequila ?



From the above caption The Rock said drawing the bull tattoo took him 25 hours so it’s likely to take more hours to complete drawing of the bull tattoo, The Rock is likely to replace Chadwick Boseman as a black character in Hollywood not disrespect to a dead legend.

The Rock seems to love his work as an actor and also passionate about it that’s why he is seen every day in different place working hard to be a better version of this ‘Black Adam’ he wants to be, by the way Black Adam is the name of his upcoming movie and he is the main character “Black Adam”.

The Rock fans is so hyped about this movie some can’t wait for him to release this movie since his previous movie have always been entertaining this means he have a huge fan base waiting for him to come out with his best work.



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