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The Rock Shares An Old Wrestling Clip And Reveals If Wrestling Is Fake Or Not

The Rock posted an old wrestling clip of him getting Rock Bottomed (his wresting finishing move) through a table by Triple H during when now WWE was WWF, he tagged Triple H and explained the relationship they had together in the business, he explained how Triple H played his bad guy role to perfection while The Rock will be the hero for the people (The Rock Fans), at the end he revealed the pain in every wrestling match is very real and caused concussion and injuries.

In The Rock’s word he said “Just came across this clip and man it brought back grateful memories.

Long before becoming the business man I am today ~ I cut my teeth and made my bones in another kind of business.

The business of throwing around 300lb men for a living or getting my ass kicked, my bell rung ? and concussed thru tables.

As wild as this looks (and at times very painful) I look back at very specific invaluable business lessons I took with me from this fanatical industry.
This nightly hardcore nature forced me to become savvy.
Forced me to always listen.
Ears open, mouth shut.
Always taking care of my number #1 boss, the audience.
The people.

My violent friend here @tripleh (legitimately we’re very good friends today;) went on to become one of the GOATs and Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development for the WWE.

This was a very special time in pro wrestling ? and I’ll be proud of my roots.

And yes, this violence was all designed to lead up to a HUGE PPV where we could GUARANTEE two things will happen/

The Rock will deliver payback hell to Triple H.
And all the people will go home happy!



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After he gave that advice a wrestling fan asked him for one more match then another asked him if this is a clue, which means he wants to know if it his situation in matches as a hero will be similar to his role in his upcoming movie Black Adam.

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