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The Weeknd has been hard at work on his upcoming fifth studio album, The Dawn, and fans can’t wait to hear what he’s coming up with. Thankfully, The Weeknd has a sneak peek for them in the form of his new Billboard cover story.

Billboard published their latest interview with the “Take My Breath Away” singer on Tuesday (November 23), in which she discusses a variety of topics, including the upcoming album. The Dawn, according to The Weeknd, will be an exciting voyage for fans.

“Imagine the record as if the listener is no longer alive,” he told Billboard. “And they’re trapped in this purgatory state, which I’ve always pictured to be like being caught in traffic, waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“And while you’re trapped in traffic, a radio station is playing in the car, with a radio host directing you to the light and assisting you in transitioning to the other side.” So it might be joyful, or it could be depressing, depending on how you want it to feel, but that’s what The Dawn is for me.”

The Weeknd’s music is normally dark, but this time he’s trying something new. Fans will get a sample of everything in terms of production, which strangely works nicely together.

“In one song, you’ll hear EDM, hip-hop, and three other types of sounds—and we make it work,” he added.

While fans wait for the project, which has yet to be given a release date, The Weekend celebrates a major milestone. His big tune “Blinding Lights,” which has been at the top of Billboard’s Greatest Songs of All Time Hot 100 Chart for the past two years, reached number one on Tuesday.

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