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Travis Barker Plane Crash: Before and After The Plane Crash

Travis Barker plane crash

Being involved in a plane crash isn’t an eventful experience and it only takes the grace of God for one to make it alive. Travis Barker who is both a musician and drummer professionally has had such an experience that made him avoid planes for 13 years and inflicted him with permanent burns and scars.

Travis Barker Plane

Travis Barker

On September 19th, 2008, Travis Barker boarded a private jet that took off from South Carolina and was headed for Los Angeles but never made it to its destination. In an Interview with UFC veteran Joe RoganExperience, he said: “When I jumped out of the emergency exit when the plane blew up, I was in such a hurry to get out of the plane that I jumped right into the plane, which is full of fuel. My whole body lit up, I had jet fuel all over my body, I belched Jet fuel for almost three months.

When I jumped into the reactor…I started ripping my clothes off because that’s what my gut was telling me…but little did I know it was still burning because I was drenched in jet fuel.

My right foot almost didn’t make it. My shoes and socks got soaked the most, the chaos of sirens and such. I got up, hit the ground, rolled, and the only thing still burning was my feet. So, they were the ones the spent a long time in the fire.

I spent four months in a hospital after my accident, receiving morphine every day. I was on so many medications in the hospital that I didn’t even realize my two friends had died, I had no idea the pilots had died, I had no recollection of anything”.

For a long time, he recollected that he was still afflicted by the plane crash trauma. In an interview, he said: “Everyone, including the pilots and my best friends, was in the hospital, I kept thinking. Until 2 weeks before I left, I thought everyone was in different rooms. After that, I went insane…I wasn’t in the best of moods. I was completely insane and suicidal in nature.

I did a lot of post-traumatic therapy when I was in the hospital to calm things down after the operation. Over time…I started to feel better. A lot of my tattoos burned off. It was a disaster; I had smoked so much weed and taken many pills before the incident that I often woke up during the operation.

Travis Barker plane crash incident

Travis Barker Plane Crash

In about 11-20 burn center surgeries, I woke up rocking with the doctors. They cut me open and it drove me crazy. I was trying to get up from the table… I don’t think I knew what was going on, but they couldn’t get enough medication to knock me out because I had been self-medicating for a long time and abusing the medication. I woke up in the middle of anesthesia”.

Finally, he said: “Learning to work again and shower on my own again… was the good point that helped me turn around”.

How many plane crashes did Travis Barker survive?

He has only experienced and survived one plane crash in 2008 which has prompted him to miss a lot of tours with his bank due to his phobia of flying. The plane crash was responsible for the deaths of two pilots, his security guard (Charles Still) and his assistant (Chris Baker).

How was Travis Barker when he was in a plane crash?

He was born on November 14, 1975, which makes him 33 years when the plane crash happened.

How long was Travis Barker in hospital after the plane crash?

After the plane crash, he was hospitalized due to him suffering 65% of third-degree burns all over his body. He was hospitalized for 4 months during which he undertook 26 surgeries.

What were Travis Barker’s injuries after the plane crash?

Travis Barker who is married to Kourtney Kardashian suffered a lot of injuries after the plane crash among which includes 65% burns over his body.

How did Travis Barker get burned?

While trying to escape the plane, Travis Barker got covered in Jet fuel from head to toe which made him get severely burnt. He also possessed jet fuel in his body which he burped out for 3 months.

How did Travis Barker survive the plane crash?

Travis Barker and Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein survived the plane crash after sliding down a wing of the plane and landed on the fuel although he was covered in jet fuel and had caught fire.


Why is Travis Barker afraid of Flying?

Before the plane crash, Travis Barker was known for either flying on band tours, going for vacations, or just going to parties while using planes and private jets as transports but after the plane crash incident he refused to fly on planes for 13 years which made him tours with the band. Recently, due to the help of his wife, Kourtney Kardashian, he has overcome his phobia of flying and went with his family on vacation.

Travis Barker the drummer

Travis Barker

Travis Barker before and after the plane crash?

Here is how Travis Barker lived his life before and after the plane crash:

i) Travis Barker before the plane crash:

Travis Berker before the plane crash was known to have had two wives with whom he had children. He was also a drug addict who smokes, doesn’t drink but lives a very lavish lifestyle. He goes frequently on tours with his band and often goes on vacation with his friends.

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ii) Travis Barker after the plane crash:

Barker’s gave up his drinking habits after the plane crash and has become more religious. Also, he isn’t too comfortable with flying and just started flying recently due to much support from his wife. He was also involved in a car accident in 2015, he also lost his best friend who died due to an overdose of drugs.

He is now more conservative than before the plane crash and now recently added a new tattoo that says his wife’s name, Kourtney, to appreciate her support when he was in tough times.

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