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Travis Scott gets candid about his and Kylie Jenner’s parenting style

Travis Scott has spoken out about how he and Kylie Jenner co-parent their daughter Stormi.


In an interview with artist Tom Sachs for CR Men’s Book issue 13, the rapper revealed that he learned how to come back home on time.


“Now that I’ve become a father,” he explained, “you want to be there to eat food with me and show up for Stormi.”


“And she has to have the ideal timetable,” Sachs enquired. She’s pleased if the five minutes are as precise as possible.”


Scott’s response was, “But she’s so cool,” he added. “It’s for this reason why I adore her.” She’s so hot right now because she’s going to sleep. We strive to parent in a more natural way, with more self-discipline.


So, you know you have to go to bed at nine o’clock; are you going to remain up till eleven o’clock or are you going to bed now? “It’s really great [to hear her say], ‘I’m going to sleep ya’ll [sic]!” he said.


Scott and Jenner are expecting their second child right now.

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