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Vin Diesel Appreciates A Fan Art Of His Movie Fast and Furious And Its Commercial Success

Vin Diesel took to Instagram to announce the success of his movie fast and Furious on the commercial scene which includes cinemas, theaters, online video streams and store sales.

He then appreciate a fan who made a fan art of him, he also made his fans know that without them their will be no such thing as success of his movies so he used the moment to appreciate everyone who is a fan of his movie.


Although what happened to the initial actor of the movie Paul Walker who died through car accident was such a shock to the fans, most of them still can’t believe it and some believe Paul Walker is still alive and they gone bring him back for the last fast and furious movie, the movie sales is still going up without Paul Walker.

Now let’s take a look at the Instagram Post made by Vin diesel;


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