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Watch Lil Yacthy’s new Album “Let’s Start Here” Listening Party with Drake and Offset

Rap TV on Twitter announced Lil Yacthy will be hosting a listening party for his new album titled “Let’s Start Here” with Drake and Offset in New Jersey.

The recent relationship with Drake and Lil Yacthy started after he chose the album cover for Drake’s Recent album “Her Loss” so ever since then they’ve been more closer than ever.

Watch Drake and Lil Yatchy sitting close to each other in the listening party of his new album at New Jersey ;

Below are fans reaction to Lil Yacthy Listening Party;

@Erikkef said “Drake wondering why he can’t make anything interesting anymore” this guy seem not to like Drake and his music that much.

@Drakesoldmore said “Drake stamp of approval which means yachty officially has AOTY” he believes Lil Yactch just made an album of the year  with Drake’s influence.

@hoes8cleve said “Bro woke up and decided to drop mid and drag drake to his mid listening party” he is not impressed by Yacthy’s New album so  it doesn’t deserve a listening party.

@aldrinlune said “drake the type to sit in between two men just to feel warm and protected” thats a jab to Drake Though.

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What do you think about the New Lil Yacthy’s album is it worth the hype tell us below.

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