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Watch Machine Gun Kelly Play With His Daughter Casie Colson Baker In New Video

Machine Gun Kelly and his daughter Casie Colson Baker look happy as they play in a new video, they look cute together as Dad and daughter should, they share positive and natural energy together.

Machine Gun Kelly is not the type of person who smile often, from his old pictures he rarely looks happy instead he looks somehow down and depressed but his face looks extremely brightened up with a mix of happiness as he plays with sword with his daughter.

Machine Gun Kelly have confessed in interviews and his music about his pill addiction, he was begged to stop taking pills at least for the sake of his daughter but he didn’t agree to that, maybe his daughter will be the one to change the suicidal mindset and pill popping habit of Machine Gun Kelly.

Machine Gun Kelly looks happy when his fans sings his songs with him while he is performing on stage He loves his daughter he always say that in his lyrics and now he is doing his Daddy duties which he seems to enjoy, See instagram videos below;


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They look lovely ?.

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