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Watch The Rock Pose With A Fish From His Fish Farm

The Rock shows off another fish from his farm, he took the fish out of the water held it in his hand and made a video about it, he said the fish is beautiful and just ate a frog then he put it back in the water.

The Rock wrote “This aggressive beauty exploded on my poppin’ frog I was working the shoreline with ??

Check out the beautiful colors and healthy belly on her ????

As a lot of you guys know, I raise a variety of fish (bass, hybrid stripped bass etc) on my farm.

It’s taken years but I’m pleased with the well balanced, healthy ecosystem I’ve been able to create for all the fish with the help of my team of expert fishery biologists.

Fishing and raising fish is a passion of mine – and in a hectic, busy world, it gives me a lot of peace and balance.

*as I sip my tequila ??

Back in she goes!





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If you wonder why the Rock is fish farming, he said used to fish as a kid so that’s where his love for fish came from.

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