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Watch Vanessa Hudgens Have Fun While Riding A Scooter

Vanessa Hudgens seen riding a scooter in the streets, she’s laughing and having fun it seems she’s having the time of her life with a man riding along with her.


She posted a video on Instagram and Captioned it “Safe to say, I think scooters are broomsticks.” this means she feels she is a scooter expert rider, her fans didn’t waste no time to jump into the comment section and react with a laughing emoji.

Vannessa Hudgens in other aspect of her life loves speaking on relationship issues, she once talked about how she loves seeing someone who have had bad deal in previous relationship finally get a chance to be loved, the post was made in her Instagram story.

Vanessa Hudgens lyrics about love is so touching to someone who can relate to it for example is the one below “one of us has got to say we can’t keep living this same way!

so i’ll be the one i’ll say it i’ll say it i’ll say it again!

baby come back to me, in my heart i still believe, we were meant to be, forever so whatever it takes”

That’s the lyrics from her come back to me.

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