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Why Jason Alexander Crashed Britney Spears Wedding? Their Relationship History

Jason Alexander’s Regrets: Why crashing Britney Spears Wedding Was a Mistake

As the star of Seinfeld, Jason Alexander became one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood during the ’90s and early 2000s.

So it’s no surprise that when he showed up at Britney Spears’ Las Vegas wedding on January 3, 2004, with an entourage of nine other people, photographers snapped pictures of him and his group, who wore matching black suits, white shirts and sunglasses.

Unfortunately for Alexander, these photos would haunt him for years to come as would the decision to crash Spears’ wedding.

Alexander James and Britney Spears

Jason Alexander Crashed Britney Spears Wedding

Jason Alexander regrets the infamous 2004 incident in which he crashed Britney Spears’ wedding, saying that it left him feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

Though he doesn’t regret his actions at the time, Alexander now thinks he went about things the wrong way, and that crashing the wedding was not only against public decency, but also caused pain to others around him.

He says that he was simply trying to make things as funny as possible with his antics, but says that he lost control of the situation and ended up hurting other people.

How Jason Alexander and Britney Spear Met in person

Jason Alexander told People magazine that he and Spears first met back in 1998, when she was on tour.

I lived around the corner from her parents’ house, he told People . At that time, Spears was 14 years old, and Alexander said he found himself as one of Britney’s groupies. Unfortunately for him, however, they wouldn’t meet again until nine years later.

Jason Alexander, who famously played George Costanza on Seinfeld, has revealed that he regrets one of his most high-profile moments—crashing Britney Spears’s Vegas wedding.

In 2004, back when Spears was still married to Kevin Federline and Jason Alexander had only recently retired from acting to host his own talkshow in Canada, he approached then-Vegas gossip columnist Michael Yo with an interesting idea. they went to Las Vegas together and crashed Britney’s big day?

How Jason Alexander really Felt About Britney Spears

After rumors surfaced that Jason had already booked his ticket to attend the the party of pop-princess, Britney Spears, many fans speculated about his true intentions for attending.

While it has been reported that Jason allegedly faked his death so he could get out of attending, he says it wasn’t as extreme as all that.

he said I don’t know why people think I faked my death, Jason told the interviewer. I just didn’t want to go to her wedding.

It had nothing to do with wanting to be dead. To find out what else he had to say about crashing Britney’s wedding and who else might have gone if they could have gotten away with it.

It wasn’t until months later, when I started to watch some of her videos, that I came to understand why it had been such a shame for me to crash her special day.

The video showed me how much she was struggling with stress and anxiety even then. And though no one should feel sorry for someone who is worth so much money, I felt empathy towards her.

She looks like she wants help but doesn’t know where to get it. But would telling her or helping make a difference make it debatable? I have just made things worse on that day years ago.

He added, if I could change my mind about anything in my life, it would be about not attending that wedding.

I hadn’t been to that many weddings at that point in my life, but I knew enough about them to know that once you were actually in one, it wasn’t really appropriate for someone outside of that inner circle to crash.

Sure, if you were invited, but otherwise? No way. I made myself unwelcome and uninvited by putting all those concerns on full display during an already stressful day for everyone involved.

And with not even a bit of consideration given to whether or not, I should be there. It was selfish and foolish of me and now I can say without reservation that it’s something I regret having done as part of my own personal history.

The next time they say you may kiss the bride, though, don’t expect me to do anything other than congratulate them!

Alexander James

Jason Alexander Crashed Britney Spears Wedding

The moment he realized he didn’t need to go through with it

My first instinct after getting an invitation to her wedding (this was in Vegas) wasn’t that I should crash it. It was, Wow, you know what? We should crash it. Before I knew it, I had convinced all my close friends to join me.

So we were on Saturday night outside of Planet Hollywood, sitting in our rented SUV wearing tuxedos and chauffeur hats (which we never got to wear again after that night).

There were about six of us total. When we first arrived there were no other paparazzi around. As time passed—as tends to happen at these things—the number of photographers swelled from none to several dozen.

I probably should have just let it go. I didn’t plan to attend. That is, until I learned that my ex-wife was invited and she would be escorting her new husband.

This fact made me very angry for some reason and I flew out there to disrupt their evening and re-live my glory days of when we were together.

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They both looked miserable and ignored me but at least they had each other, right? It seemed like an appropriate way to tell them how unhappy they made me feel during our marriage since they didn’t give me two seconds of their time during their reception.

Two months later I found out that neither one of them had any recollection of seeing me or if they did, being bothered by it.

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