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Why Kendrick Lamar Deep Fake Kanye West, Kobe Bryant, Will Smith, Nipsey Hussle and More

Days before the release of his new album, Kendrick Lamar has released a new song called “The Heart Part 5”.

On Friday, May 13th, the rapper, 34, will release Mr Morale & The Big Steppers.

Who Does Kendrick Lamar Deep Fake And Who directed Kendrick Lamar video?

The rapper’s visage changes into many deepfakes, including OJ Simpson, Will Smith, Jussie Smollett, Kobe Bryant, Kanye West, and Nipsey Hussle, in a music video directed by Dave Free and Lamar.


The words of his song correspond to the person he’s portraying in the video at the moment, with West talking bipolar disease and Hussle, who was shot and died in 2019, discussing murder.

Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You” appears to be sampled in the song.

In response to the song, one fan remarked, “King Kendrick stays unbeaten, league of his own.”

“There are musicians who pay over six figures for a Marvin Gaye sample, so Kendrick Lamar using it as his return is everything,” another added.

“From the beginning of the verse, ‘I do this for the culture,’ to the finish, ‘f*** doing it for the culture,’ One fan stated, “The tune slaps hard.”

Kendrick Lamar becomes Kanye West, Will Smith

Many fans believed Lamar had revealed more details about his upcoming new album last week.

On his Oklama website, the Compton native added a new link. Fans were directed to a folder called “Master,” which contained a snapshot of a hand holding a book with Lamar’s name and the title of his new album, Mr Morale & The Big Steppers, on the cover.

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There were also two compact discs, one labelled “Morale” and the other “Steppers,” both designated as “master copies.”

Many fans assumed this meant Lamar was planning to release a double album following his critically praised 2017 album, Damn.

With significant exceptions like the 2018 Black Panther soundtrack and an appearance at the Super Bowl halftime show earlier this year, Lamar has kept a low profile since the release of the album.

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