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You People Netflix Movie Review By Fans

Below is a review of “You People” Movie and what fans think about it after watching the just released movie on Netflix.

First Review of “You People” Movie by fans

“You know how this story is going to end and that’s not the main reason to watch this movie.

The expectation is to bring out the contrast between white and black people. Initially, the movie does this really well. The dinner conversation and the comparions of their ancestor struggles brings out main points while also keeping the movie hilarious. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has outclassed every single cast in this movie. The others could have done better.

Anyways, somewhere along the way, the movie misses out on its plot and sidelines into a very strong and angry “you vs us” storyline. Given that this movie is categorised as a comedy – you would expect comedy but it feels like the movie is trying to fix a problem rather than show the reality and also show the comic side of it.

Towards the end, everything feels rushed, and lazy. It’s a one time watch / something to watch in an aeroplane/ something to watch before you go to bed. It’s a three star effort.

The second Review of “You People” Movie by fans

This was a great movie that gave humour in perspective of culture! Those who rated this one star clearly missed the entire point of this movie and took offence to the black/white stereotyping. This was comedy at its finest and a great return for Eddie Murphy. The acting with some of the cast was abit terrible but Eddie and Jonah definitely carried this film! If you took offence to this movie in anyway possible then this movie was aimed at you.

Third Review of “You People” Movie by fans

No thank you! Hated it from the start… The other reviewers who don’t like it for so called racial reasons are the same people who would sit through a Andrew schulz racist misogyny special and call it comedy gold. But didn’t once mention how offensive it was to be tokened by the shelly character.

To be honest The racial elements were neither here nor there to me… Don’t read reviews before you review. It will send u kray.

My actual gripe with this film is the bad acting. I’m still in shock, big names, no chemistry, it felt forced from the start. They may as well have been reading lines from their palms.

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Was the budget so low they didn’t have time for a table read…. Kenya Barris you created blackish and grown ish which is pure gold. Wth happened?

That’s all we got from them so tell us what you think about the movie or you haven’t watched it yet?.

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