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Young Dolph Net worth 2022: Age and Net Worth Before Death


Young Dolph is a Chicago born rapper who gradually rose to fame in America, hitting the apex of his career before dying tragically in 2021.

Young Dolph wearing a face cap

Rapper Young Dolph

He was quite successful, and if you are interested in knowing his networth, life and death, read through this article carefully.

Young Dolph Net Worth

According to various sources, Young Dolph’s networth crossed more than $2.9 Million American Dollars before his death. There are possibilities that there could be more, some of which will be explored in this article.

How is Young Dolph so rich?

There is a very clear reason for Young Dolph’s wealth. The rapper is known for being a very talented business man, and aside music, he was into other businesses, especially the property business.

Young Dolph on his bike

Young Dolph riding a bike

Young Dolph’s networth is estimated to be $3 million dollars by the time of his death. He made a lot of money from his music performances, and once said that he received about a hundred thousand dollars for each show he did. This and a few other factors helped him grow his networth to $3 million dollars.

Watch video of Young Dolph popular song ‘Major’;

Young Dolph Debut Album Success

Young Dolph’s debut album reach number five on the US rap charts. His career success started in 2009 when he released the mixtape, Paper Route Campaign.

Young Dolph Profile

What you need to Know about Young Dolph

Here are short things to note about Young Dolph:

Actual NameAdolph Thornton Junior
Net Worth $2.9 Million Dollars
Year of Birth1985
Age of Death36
Number of Children2
(Tre Tre Thornton) son
(Aria Ella Thornton) daughter

Young Dolph’s Bio

The rapper’s bio is written below;

What was Young Dolph’s Networth and actual name?

Many of the people who listen to Young Dolph’s music do not know his actual name. Young Dolph was born by the name Adolph Thornton Junior in Chicago, Illinois on the 27th of July in 1985.

Early Life

He was growing rapidly before his death, with his albums featuring high in American music charts. When he was young, he lived with his family in Chicago before they moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1987, when he was two years old.

He gained interest in music when he was around five years old but found it difficult to get noticed. After some time of struggling in the industry, he got some credit when he released his first mixtape, Paper Route Campaign in 2009. After that, he released his album, Welcome to Dolph World, an album that would pave the way for his progress in the rap industry.

Record Label

He also founded his record label, Paper Route Empire and was known to be close with fellow rapper, Gucci Mane.

Young Dolph Songs

Some of the recordings he released include Shittin On the Industry, High Class Street Music, South Memphis Kingpin, 16, 16 Zips, Cross Country Trappin, and Blue Magic.

Young Dolph was featured in O.T. Genasis’s hit single “Cut It”, a single that reached number 35 on the Hot 100 billboard.

Young Dolph First Album

In 2016, Young Dolph was getting better in music and growing significantly in his career. He released his first studio album, King of Memphis in 2016. This album hit number five on the American rap charts, number nine on the American R&B/Hip Hop charts and number 49 on the Billboard 200 charts.

Young Second Album “Bulletproof”

His next album was Bulletproof, and it was released in 2017. The album reached number 19 on the United States R&B/Hip hop charts, number 14 on US’ rap charts and number 36 on the Billboard 200 charts.

In 2020, his 7th album name Rich Slave was released, breaking his personal records and reaching number four on the Billboard 200.

Young Dolph’s Properties

Young Dolph is known to own more than a hundred properties in his much loved city, Memphis. This number could be more and there are speculations that he also owns a few properties outside Memphis. Young Dolph bought foreclosures for his children every year when it’s their birthday. All of these are among factors contributing to his $3M networth.

Young Dolph’s Family

His parents were drug addicts, reportedly. According to sources, Young Dolph was raised by his grandmother for some time. Young Dolph attended Hamilton High School but was never really interested in academics. After graduating high school, he didn’t go to college or university but instead focused on his music career. After he became successful, he donated 25,000 dollars to the school.

Young Dolph Grandmother

Young Dolph loved his grandmother very much that he felt very much devastated when she passed away in 2008.

Did Young Dolph have a girlfriend?

Young Dolph’s girlfriend was Mia Jaye, and she expressed sadness when he died. Mia Jaye’s statement read, “It’s tough to be strong”.

Young Dolph’s Children

Young Dolph had two children before his death. The children were born by the same woman, Mia Jaye who was Young Dolph’s girlfriend for years. The first child, Tre Tre Thornton was born in June, 2014.

His daughter, Aria Ella Thornton was born in 2017.

Young Dolph’s Age and Friends

Young Dolph was born on 27th of July in 1985 and was 36 years old at the time of his death. He had a lot of friends and lovers in the music industry, and one of such is Key Glock.

Young Dolph and Key Glock dressed in black

Young Dolph and Key Glock dressed in black

Key Glock is a friend to Young Dolph, and when the 36 year old died, he made an Instagram post saying that Young Dolph was his brother, lefthand man, cousin, mentor and drink partner.

Mia Jaye, Young Dolph’s girlfriend alongside music friends and fans was left devastated when the rapper was murdered.

Young Dolph’s Death

Let’s discuss how the rapper died.

How did Young Dolph die?


Over the last 32 years, several American rappers have been the victims of sudden death and gunshot crimes.

Young Dolph suffered gunshot attacks twice, the first one being in Charlotte, North Carolina.

First Shooting Incident

In the incident, many say about 100 rounds were fired, injuring dozens. Young Dolph spent about two weeks in the hospital recovering from the incident, with rumours going round Young Dolph was actually targeted because of his infamous rivalry with Yo Gotti.

Why he named his second album Bulletproof

Following his recovery, Young Dolph named his second album Bulletproof because of that incident.

Young Dolph Second shooting that killed him

Unfortunately, on the 17th of November in 2021, Young Dolph was murdered gruesomely in a shooting incident that happened in Memphis, Tennessee. Young Dolph was buying cookies in the afternoon when two gunmen shot him and drove away.

He was 36 years old, with two children at the time of his death.

Young Dolph’s Funeral

Young Dolph’s funeral was on the 30th of November, 2021. The funeral was attended by his friends and family and was such an emotional one. There were a lot of fans attending his funeral with many people sending their condolences to the family of the rapper.

What kind of casket was Young Dolph buried in?

Young Dolph was buried in a gold casket on the last day of November. The two suspects were arrested and are in police custody, with many still clamoring for their judgment.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about Young Dolph’s Networth, life, and death:

Where is Young Dolph buried?

Young Dolph was buried on the 30th of November in 2021 in a cemetery located in South Memphis. The Chicago born rapper was just 36 years old when he was shot to death in front of a cookie shop.

How much did Young Dolph make per show?

According to Young Dolph, he earned averagely 100,000 for every show. He said this on the 10th of November, about a week to his death. Soulja Boy does not believe that is the true amount Dolph earns, so this value could be more or less.

Does Young Dolph own all his masters?

Young Dolph signed a huge deal with more than a million dollars with Empire, allowing him to own all his masters. This had a great effect on the revenue Dolph got from his music.

Who killed Young Dolph?

According to Memphis police, Justin Johnson is the alleged killer of Young Dolph. The suspect reportedly pulled up with an accomplice and shot Dolph to death in front of a cookie store.

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Young Dolph (real name Adolph Thornton Jr.) was a popular American rapper who joined the list of rappers that were murdered in the apex of their career. This article features Young Dolph’s networth, girlfriend, friends, properties and children.

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